Saturday, 14 February 2015

Company Annual Dinner

On Valanetine's Day eve, it's company annual dinner. This is my first time to join the event, staffs from KL office, Nilai and Melaka are being invited. Previous year event was held at Chulan Hotel, but as for this year, they chose to have it at Hotel Istana, just few minute walk from our office building. Good choice!

It's regular working day, but due to special occasion, we can left at 4pm and prepare for the dinner, we chose to make up ourselves at office, it's more easier. About 5.30pm, reached at Hotel Istana. First and the most important, we registered for the lucky draw. Then starts our photo session, selfie, wefie, groupie, and whatever-fie. 

About 6.30pm, we can move into the ballroom, at that time I'm super hungry, thought that the dinner will start immediately, but who knows, we have to finish all the performance only to start our meal. The lion dance itself already took about 30 minutes, then followed by performance from KL office staffs, Nilai and Melaka staffs. 

Finally at 8pm, all the performance is done, and it's time to eat, all of us are so hungry, we finished our first dish in just few minutes. 

Although I'm not the lucky one, I'm manage to get myself a consolation prize, it's a power bank. Hooray!!! It's a memorable night for me.

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