Thursday, 29 November 2007

The Last Breath and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Recently showing many of the ghost movie, last Saturday I've watched a new ghost movie which is The Last Breath (Korean) and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium on Monday.. This ghost movie is very scary, get shocked on many scenes.. Ghost appear very often, this is what I like, but the cinema environment is not good, there are people chatting around, changing places, and walking.. Make the evironment not in the scary mood, damn bad.. Haihz..

On Monday I'm using my expired Student ID to buy the movie ticket, luckily the ticket seller didn't realize it, and I get 2 ringgit cheaper.. I'm not sure whether I'm tired when I watching this movie or this movie really boring, feww times I almost fall asleep.. What attractive in this movie is the color, full of color and toys.. Nice toys, and wish I can own it.. Hehe..

Sabah Trip

Just come back from Sabah, just to attend wedding dinner, is bf's brother wedding.. The first time I attend such a huge wedding dinner.. Almost all the people in that place being invited to the wedding dinner.. Haha~~

Bf's house was so far away from KK Airport, after 2 and half hours flight, have to take another 2 hours car journey to reach his home at Keningau, damn far.. I'm kind of human cannot take long journey in car, especially crooked road, heredity from my mum, easily get vomit, so is hard for me to take this 2 hours journey.. After 2 hours, finally reached his home, I've been dizzy for the whole day, so suffering..

I'm so so so stupid, I forget to bring my camera to Sabah, so this journey has no take picture, some took from my mobile phone, not in good quality, but still acceptable.. Keningau is just a small place in Sabah, the most highest building was the Hotel Juta, around 6 floor.. The others are just normal shops.. People over there, having no worries lifestyle, not like KL's people and there has no entertainment at night..

Keningau view (The White Building, Hotel Juta)

After the wedding ceremony, there are nothing to do, just stay at home and playing with bf's nephew and niece, watching TV and playing "rummy" with bf's brother-in-law.. Haha~~ Get won around 50 bucks.. I think next time for mah jong will be CNY, cos now no one free to entertain me for mah jong.. Friends are all busy for work.. Haihz..

After few days staying at Keningau, felt that I love that place, because really nothing to worry, is suit me a lot.. Hope can stay there for more longer, but we just go for 5 days, no choice, we have to back KL.. I've do something weird in this place too, which is wake up early, it's consider weird for me, cos I alway sleep till noon time.. Haha~~ Really paiseh oh!!

Saturday, 17 November 2007



Wednesday, 14 November 2007

New Dress For Myself

Last week has bought 2 new dresses for myself to attend people's wedding.. Lately I have many wedding to attend, most will be at the hotel, so have to wear nicer.. Hehe.. Finally I get 2 dresses which suit me and can fully hide all my fats.. Next week will follow my dear back to Sabah to attend his brother's wedding, so can't wear like an aunty anymore, must wear something that beautiful.. Wakaka.. Excited!!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Apartment 1303

Just watched Japanese ghost movie, still the same perception, almost same as the previous ghost movie.. The "ghost" seems like combining the others ghost movie.. One of the part, it looks like "Juon".. Haihz.. No suprise at all, but quite scary.. The story is about mum and daugther living in the Apartment 1303.. Daugther always being abused by her mum and one day, she killed her mum and people who live in this apartment will jump from the apartment.. Hmmm.. Storyline very boring, but consider okay.. =)

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