Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Working Phobia

Haihz.. Feeling uneasy now.. Seems like something gonna happen soon.. Last time I used to play around with my crew, but now no more.. My manager asked me must have some distance with them, coz they are working with us.. At first I'll think of, when I gang with them, working will become easier, but it's not actually.. My crew will start to step on me, coz they know I won't scold them.. They're late for work, lazy and day dreaming.. So disappointed!! Hmmm, think not to use them anymore..

Besides my crew, dealers also got problem.. Last few roadshow, I do worked with the same Maxis dealer, so that I can chit-chatting with them and we already become friend.. but this time was different, I work with different dealer and that idiot dealer has do a lot complaint, complaint the bull-shit thing, complaint our DJ "Fat".. Is "fat" a problem? The dealer said he's fat and messy.. Haihz.. I also don't know what to say.. We can't fight back, coz they are Maxis Dealer and Maxis is our client.. If we do so, sure bring a lot of trouble.. That's why we just let them complaint.. Sure I will curse him to die..

Last is our client, till last Saturday only I know my client style.. So hatable.. Working without system and like to scold people without reasons.. Is not my fault, she is angry my manager but they are scold me.. Haihz.. This is so called "WOMEN"!! Like crab!! Coz crab is not walking in straight line..

Hmmm.. and what happen today was, my client asked me change the format that she set last 2 weeks.. This is just like what the advertisement wrote "change without prior notice!!" Haihz.. Again, Women!! Next time really scare to work in roadshow or work with them, coz will see them.. They are the sign of "tiger".. So fierce!!

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