Monday, 21 April 2008

Sunday Life

Today very free oh, cos no roadshow.. So have a meet with Sharron, Andrew and Ven Ping.. We celebrate Sharron Birthday at Avenue K..

Happy Birthday, Sharron!!

Mini Chocolate Banana Cake

Then I went to Mid Valley, there have the property fair, just have a look on the mattress, cos wanna change bed, but so so expensive.. Maybe just buy it from those small furniture shop.. Then I can get a cheaper price..

After that, I have my dinner at Dragon-i.. Muahaha.. After I get my salary, this is the first meal I treat Phin.. but Dragon-i at Mid Valley not that delicious compare to One Utama and Pavilion.. After my dinner, is time to start shopping.. Finally I get myself 3 shirts and 1 pair of sandal.. Hehe..

Dragon-i Chopstick








Thursday, 17 April 2008


Haha.. Finally I get more than 2k a month for my salary.. That's good for me, keke!! Then I can spend my money with no worries and can save some money for travel and future use..

Hmmm.. Actually I don't like this company, but now, I still working, wondering why.. Maybe just because I'm lazy with those interview.. I hate interview, facing stranger and talk about all bullshit.. And so, if I got a new job, I have to spend time to build up some relationship with new colleagues.. Damn "Ma Fan".. So, I give up to get a new job..

Today one funny thing happened, my big boss come to me and said "you already work for one month plus, but I just see you twice".. After that I also don't know how to answer, so just as normal, SMILE!! Actually I saw him many times in office, just he didn't realize me, am I so little? or really a small potato.. Haihz.. Can't blame him also, because most of time I'm outside busy my roadshow thing, that's why he don't know me.. I think he don't even know my name, maybe!! Haha!!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

My Boss

Haha!! Today I have captured a photo of my boss.. He's pretending "Cute".. Muahaha.. Last time I can't even take his photo, coz he always using his hand to block his face or facing down.. Really hard to take a "normal" photo from him..

AND FINALLY..........

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Mid Valley

Last week just finish a event at Mid Valley, is Maxis again.. Really bored of this Maxis and Hotlink, but I can't ignore, this is my job.. Last few events, I saw some dealers are not good in promoting the Maxis products, but this time really make me crazy.. They can hit the target set by Maxis, this is the result from their leader.. Every morning, I saw the leader gave them a briefing and teach them hw to approach customer.. This is really good!!

5 working days, 10am - 10pm.. So tired.. And now I'm in Seremban for another roadshow.. What's a crazy thing that I'm doing .. Yesterday just help the contractor to set up the thing.. Know what?? We done around 6am, after that have to prepare for work at 8.30am.. Really crazy.. Now I have became a panda.. Human de panda!! :(
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