Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Mid Valley

Last week just finish a event at Mid Valley, is Maxis again.. Really bored of this Maxis and Hotlink, but I can't ignore, this is my job.. Last few events, I saw some dealers are not good in promoting the Maxis products, but this time really make me crazy.. They can hit the target set by Maxis, this is the result from their leader.. Every morning, I saw the leader gave them a briefing and teach them hw to approach customer.. This is really good!!

5 working days, 10am - 10pm.. So tired.. And now I'm in Seremban for another roadshow.. What's a crazy thing that I'm doing .. Yesterday just help the contractor to set up the thing.. Know what?? We done around 6am, after that have to prepare for work at 8.30am.. Really crazy.. Now I have became a panda.. Human de panda!! :(

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