Saturday, 14 June 2008

My Boring Weekend

Haihz.. Today was damn free, cos nothing to do.. Last time I was so enjoy the time staying at home, but now is totally different, cos very boring.. No one at home, nobody talk to me.. So so pity myself.. Luckily my sister came back, then I played mah jong with her and my mum.. Lucky, I won about RM40.. Haha!!

My dad and brother came back at 9'clock, then we went for Father Day's dinner, the first time I share money with my siblings for the dinner.. Is so happy to treat my dad for a dinner, he also very happy.. Now start to earn money, have to treat my parent better.. Hoho!! Next time dinner I will pay for it too!!

Hmmm.. Back home.. Bored.. Actually how to survive in a boring time? I really wish that today is working day, at least I got thing to do!!

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