Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Animalia Exotic Pet Day

Last Sunday, we spent our day at IPC Shopping Centre. There is an Exotic Pet Day held on 17th and 18th in front of The Pet Safari, event from sister's shop, named "Animalia", mainly selling exotic pets. 

Moon Moon was so excited to see those animals. At first she not dare to touch, but the end she able to hold the snake by her own. Bravely Moon Moon! For myself, I preferred the type of lizard "Bearded Dragon". 

Now is to train her not to be scared. Moon Moon, you can do it. 

Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Super Short Getaway

Last Saturday, we went to Port Dickson for a short break. It's actually to attend ex-colleague's wedding at Batu Pahat, after the ceremony, only we heading to Port Dickson.

Due to school holiday, most of the hotel is fully booked. Luckily still able to find one at Thistle Port Dickson Resort and Spa. A normal deluxe room cost me RM475 (room only). Maybe because we checked-in late evening, we got a free upgrade room at the same price. From Deluxe Room to Indigo Suite, it cost around RM1,500 per night. What a good start for our holiday. It's good to spend our time here, but just too short.

On second day, we walked at the beach side and enjoyed our morning at swimming pool, awesome swimming pool. There are 2 wading pool and pool with different height 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m and 2.5m. Suitable for people who know how to swim, but of course not for me.

Myself and Moon Moon enjoy so much, hope to have another short break very soon.

Friday, 2 December 2016





没什么圣诞礼物想要,All I want for Christmas is YOU,爱你,彬彬! 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Moon's Learning Stage

On July 26, Moon Moon joined the trial class at Q-dees. Today is the last school day in 2016, during the past 4 months, she learned a lot from school, she is having a good study environment, interacting with friends. Thank you Teacher Jessy and Teacher Mala for the caring and guidance to Moon Moon.

Q-dees (en-nightingale 1)
Teacher Jessy & Teacher Mala

Wednesday, 2 November 2016







Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bangkok Shopping Trip 2016

Bangkok Trip: 14.10.2016 - 16.10.2016

Long waited short getaway for myself, Bangkok shopping trip with cousin sister. 3D2N stay in Lemontea Hotel, Pratunam, iced lemon tea as the welcomed drink. Refreshing!!

Precious every seconds, we checked-in directly, keep our luggage in the hotel and start to shop. Me and cousin gone crazy, shop at Platinum Mall for 9 hours (10am - 7pm), and of course, it spent me a lot. End up, we need to buy a "big" bag to put all our things in. Ta-da!!

Then we put the bag back to hotel and get out again for dinner. After long shopping hours, we just had a simple dinner outside Platinum Mall before heading to Central World and Big C Supercenter. There are few food trucks right in front of Platinum Mall, and we had our dinner at Noddle Bar. Due to communication problem, it's my first time to have a non-spicy TomYam Noodle, taste not bad, but it's weird with no spicy. They allowed to choose type of noodles, the waiter recommend me the noodle, when it served, it actually "Wan Tan Noodle". Nice try. Tom Yam Noodle @ 60 baht.

Time flies, we end our day with nice massage nearby our hotel, which is Arunda Oriental Massage, 1 hour foot massage @ 250 baht. Nice and cozy environment, they do prepare tea session after massage. Relax to the max.

On the second day, we starts our shopping at 1pm, just because to rest more before to shop more. We went to Siam Square One, Hello Kitty House for our brunch. Thought it will be super long queue, but surprisingly no crowd. Food and drink is just too cute to eat. Since we spent more than 500 baht, we can purchase Hello Kitty Mug (5 pcs) for only 900 baht, nice collection of mug, love it so much.

Pancake Brunch 
Ham and Cheese Toast + Hot Cuppucino
Hello Kitty Mug Collection 

After our brunch, we went to BoxSpace, located at Ratchayothin, a new place to explore, but unfortunately, it's closed. All the shops switched off to mourn the passing King, due to this reason, some of the roads has closed, people get stucked in the traffic jam, so are we. Then we went to MBK, shop again. 

Always tried new things in Bangkok, there is an almond ice-cream in KFC, 20 baht. It's yummy, but just too sweet for me. 

Since we are lazy to discover new place, we get back to the food trucks outside Platinum Mall for our dinner, and today we had pizza at "Baby Pizza", highly recommend. It's delicious, thin crunch pizza. We have ordered "Tom Yam Seafood Pizza" and "Smoked Salmon Pizza".

Along the way back to hotel, they are some stalls selling handmade souvenir. Can't stop myself to have it. And here, I have bought Mui Mui a cute little pig with her name "Mui" on the body. A doll just for her.

It's time for massage again, we get back to the massage center nearby our hotel. Since all the sessions are full, we then took the free shuttle service provided by Arunda back to hotel. Once massage is available, Arunda will send the buggy to pick us. Today we had 2 hours Thai body massage @ 600 baht.

Over so soon, It's last day of our trip. Early in the morning, we woke up at 7am, just to shop nearby at Pratunam Market, morning market open from 5am - 9am. After 3 hours, again we go back with full bags of clothes. It's rainy day, but it won't spoiled my mood to shop. After check-out, we keep the luggage at hotel, and we head to Platinum Mall again for last round. And I have forgot to have my lunch, just get myself a hot crepe, enjoy it with a massage car, 20 baht for 10 minutes.

Nothing much in this trip except shopping, shopping, and shopping.
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