Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas '07

This year Christmas not that fun compare to last year, because don't have any party on the eve.. Bf's friends have postpone the celebration of Christmas together with New Year eve.. So party will be held on 31 December.. No celebration with friends, but do celebrate with my dear.. He gave me a small Christmas tree, candle, a little snowman and penguin..... and.... An expensive Apple.. The presents almost same as last year, but I like them so much.. Thanks..

My 2 Penguins (Yew Yew and Lin Lin) with Christmas tree
Collections of RUSS's X'mas Penguin

Snowman (Mak Mak)

Red Apple (bought from Isetan) cost RM 17.90

I do gave him Christmas presents, which is pirated DVD's from Bt. Feringgi, Penang.. It's really cheap and clear, I've bought him the lastest movies and Hong Kong's Drama.. and.... others.. Hmmm.. Most of the people will go for clubbing, countdown, or having party, but me and dear just go for a normal dinner and movie on the eve.. Watching the lastest movie "Aliens vs. Predator 2", thought want to watch "National Treasure", but AVP2 is more attractive.. Maybe tonight will go for that movie, cos it's cheap on Wednesday.. A simple Christmas has over..

Merry Christmas

Friday, 21 December 2007

Genting de Casino

Yesterday was the holiday for Haji, so bf has no work, then we asked Vincent go to Genting.. Haha.. He's the gamble kaki.. This time was the first time I got the money from Uncle Lim.. I played the game that I familiar with, which is roulette.. When I was in UK, the only game that I won was roulette too.. So, I think this game bring me luck.. Everytime bet for the same numbers, and almost everytime get win.. At first won around 500 then change another game to play, before go home, just want to assured my luck for the day.. I go back to the roulette machine, bet for the same numbers, no doubt, I won again and again, my luck was good..

Everytime I saw people playing roulette is like making many bet at the same time in order to win big money.. They bet more than 100 in a game, but I only bet for 20.. This way of playing more safe, but the last time, I tried bet only one number, and....... I get win the number that I chose.. Number 9, has become my lucky number.. I bet 5 bucks, so 5 X 36 = 180.. Wauuuuuuu.. Damn happy.. I have observed the aunties beside me, I think they total insert 1000++ into that machine and lose all in 15 minutes.. If for me, sure will heart attack, because not working yet and bet for quite a huge amount.. Anyway, I'm the lucky star for 20/12/07.. Yeah!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007



Sunday, 16 December 2007

Saturday 15/12/2007

Today went to One Utama to see the arrangement for this year Christmas, cos last 2 weeks seeing them still doing the setting staffs, just curious what they going to do.. Once I reached, I go there directly, it's really "Wahhhhhhh...", so nice!!



Haha.. Today I've bought a shorts at Jusco, long long queue, waiting around 15 minutes, unlucky, the cahsier said that the machine has broke up and need to fix it, so fed up and change my queue at another counter!! Jusco always do things slowly.. Bad Bad Bad!! Hmmm.. Don't care... Muahaha.. Wooooo.. is dinner time!! Having our dinner at Dragon-i.. Delicious.... Last month only go with Wai Hong and Roy at Pavilion.. Since bf wants to try so decide to have our dinner here..





After dinner, me and bf doing one stupid thing inside the Parkson Store.. We saw the kettle.. Haha..Weird thing going to happen among us, we using the kettle to play like "哈哈镜", take it as a mirror.. From different angle, our faces got different shape and suddenly our eyes become big like alien.. So terrible!! But is not bad if I got such a big eye.. Hehe!!


Finally, end of the day, I watched movie with bf, Vincent and Tammy.. Alvin and the Chipmunks.. Damn funny and cute.. Especially the green one "Theodore", it's round and short compare with Alvin and Simon.. It's really looks cute, and most funny thing was they do sing Daniel Powter's song "Bad Day".. What's a funny movie, laugh from starting to the end.. Nice movie for Christmas!!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

J.CO de Donuts

Since the opening of Pavilion KL, one of the shop has been famous with their donuts.. Everytime I will see there is a long long queue.. At first just curious to have a try of the donuts, once I bite, it's really delicious.. Especially the normal donut "Glazzy".. The taste really as what they describe in the mini board "Crunchy and Melty"..

From the way I start my queue, half an hour only reach the counter and make an order.. So far I have tried on 9 flavors of the donuts, some are really delicious and some only soso.. People will spend their time to queue up and purchase for the donuts, most of them buying half dozen or more.. Normally people will buy one dozen, if I'm not mistaken, they have 12 flavors, so can try on all the flavor..

Last night go for a movie at Pavilion, it's GSC.. The seats was comfortable and it seems grand before entering the theatre.. The movie "The Golden Compass" will be continued, the story haven't end yet, don't know when will show the next.. In this movie, really wonder how the production group doing all the special effects.. It's terrible..

Monday, 3 December 2007

Camera Girl

Recently I helped my sister taking rabbit pictures, all the rabbits are cute and all are imported from US.. Breed from different places really can see the different compare to the local breed.. From the color to the fur and the posing, is nice.. Some have been trained and go for competition.. Once it's stand, it has it's own posing, professional rabbit, but only few.. The others like hyper-active, jump here and there, hard to get the right angle to take the pictures.. That day sister only show me the guide book for how to take good pictures for rabbit.. Different rabbit has different standing pose, if can catch the right time and right pose, the picture will be nice and fulfill the standard standing pose.. Next week sister will have another rabbits from US, so have to take picture again, but I enjoy it!!

with White Spot Red Jacket

Orlando (Holland Lop) Sister's Beloved Rabbit - Big Head (大头仔)

Dwarf Hotot with Leather Jacket

with Jeans Jacket

with Plain Red Jacket (女鬼装)

Thanks for our cutie model - Dwarf Hotot Doe

TGI Friday's

Finally.... I have a try at TGI Friday's.. Yeah!! Last time always heard from my classmates, now only have the chance.. Last week I met Vincent at One U and he want to have something before movie, so we go for it, but I only have a dessert, cos already have my lunch at home..

Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie

This is what I ordered, deliciousssssssssss.. Three brownies with one scope ice-cream on top, this dessert can serve 2-3 persons, but I finished it by my own, because no one share with me and Vincent has his own dessert.. His also not bad, it's delicious than mine, it's crunchy like a cookies, with ice-cream too..

Vincent's dessert (with set meal)

Although it's costly (for me), but is worth.. Maybe next time can really try on the main course and appetizer.. Not just the dessert.. Awaiting...

Sunday, 2 December 2007




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