Friday, 21 December 2007

Genting de Casino

Yesterday was the holiday for Haji, so bf has no work, then we asked Vincent go to Genting.. Haha.. He's the gamble kaki.. This time was the first time I got the money from Uncle Lim.. I played the game that I familiar with, which is roulette.. When I was in UK, the only game that I won was roulette too.. So, I think this game bring me luck.. Everytime bet for the same numbers, and almost everytime get win.. At first won around 500 then change another game to play, before go home, just want to assured my luck for the day.. I go back to the roulette machine, bet for the same numbers, no doubt, I won again and again, my luck was good..

Everytime I saw people playing roulette is like making many bet at the same time in order to win big money.. They bet more than 100 in a game, but I only bet for 20.. This way of playing more safe, but the last time, I tried bet only one number, and....... I get win the number that I chose.. Number 9, has become my lucky number.. I bet 5 bucks, so 5 X 36 = 180.. Wauuuuuuu.. Damn happy.. I have observed the aunties beside me, I think they total insert 1000++ into that machine and lose all in 15 minutes.. If for me, sure will heart attack, because not working yet and bet for quite a huge amount.. Anyway, I'm the lucky star for 20/12/07.. Yeah!!

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