Sunday, 11 July 2010

Donashi from Big Apple Donuts

First saw Donashi was in the newspaper, it's really look cute and attractive.. Feel like want to have a try, but always forget to buy when shopping around.. Since this weekend working at Mid Valley, I spent some time to visit Big Apple Donuts and Coffee.. Once I saw all the donuts dress in Sushi style, it's so so cute.. I just can't stop myself to buy it..

There are 28 types of Donashi, but min. purchase have to be 18pcs, just because the small tray can fit in min. 18pcs.. Not to buy so much, coz I know myself will eat only 1-2pcs, so I took the min. of 18pcs, cost RM20.. It's so hard to choose among the 28 types, really wish to try all, but I can't.. They do gave a pair of chopstick, just like the way of eating sushi.. The way they sell are so funny..

I wouldn't know the others taste, but I love so much of the "Do-Masago", which look like caviar cover on the top, but just kinda sweet.. It's consider nice in view and good in taste.. I will get myself for second try..


uLi.佑莉 said...

Very cute leh....I'll make sure I get 1 box too next time! :)

HuiPeng said...

Try it! Then we can view your nice photo of the Donashi!!

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