Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas '07

This year Christmas not that fun compare to last year, because don't have any party on the eve.. Bf's friends have postpone the celebration of Christmas together with New Year eve.. So party will be held on 31 December.. No celebration with friends, but do celebrate with my dear.. He gave me a small Christmas tree, candle, a little snowman and penguin..... and.... An expensive Apple.. The presents almost same as last year, but I like them so much.. Thanks..

My 2 Penguins (Yew Yew and Lin Lin) with Christmas tree
Collections of RUSS's X'mas Penguin

Snowman (Mak Mak)

Red Apple (bought from Isetan) cost RM 17.90

I do gave him Christmas presents, which is pirated DVD's from Bt. Feringgi, Penang.. It's really cheap and clear, I've bought him the lastest movies and Hong Kong's Drama.. and.... others.. Hmmm.. Most of the people will go for clubbing, countdown, or having party, but me and dear just go for a normal dinner and movie on the eve.. Watching the lastest movie "Aliens vs. Predator 2", thought want to watch "National Treasure", but AVP2 is more attractive.. Maybe tonight will go for that movie, cos it's cheap on Wednesday.. A simple Christmas has over..

Merry Christmas

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