Monday, 3 December 2007

Camera Girl

Recently I helped my sister taking rabbit pictures, all the rabbits are cute and all are imported from US.. Breed from different places really can see the different compare to the local breed.. From the color to the fur and the posing, is nice.. Some have been trained and go for competition.. Once it's stand, it has it's own posing, professional rabbit, but only few.. The others like hyper-active, jump here and there, hard to get the right angle to take the pictures.. That day sister only show me the guide book for how to take good pictures for rabbit.. Different rabbit has different standing pose, if can catch the right time and right pose, the picture will be nice and fulfill the standard standing pose.. Next week sister will have another rabbits from US, so have to take picture again, but I enjoy it!!

with White Spot Red Jacket

Orlando (Holland Lop) Sister's Beloved Rabbit - Big Head (大头仔)

Dwarf Hotot with Leather Jacket

with Jeans Jacket

with Plain Red Jacket (女鬼装)

Thanks for our cutie model - Dwarf Hotot Doe

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