Monday, 3 December 2007

TGI Friday's

Finally.... I have a try at TGI Friday's.. Yeah!! Last time always heard from my classmates, now only have the chance.. Last week I met Vincent at One U and he want to have something before movie, so we go for it, but I only have a dessert, cos already have my lunch at home..

Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie

This is what I ordered, deliciousssssssssss.. Three brownies with one scope ice-cream on top, this dessert can serve 2-3 persons, but I finished it by my own, because no one share with me and Vincent has his own dessert.. His also not bad, it's delicious than mine, it's crunchy like a cookies, with ice-cream too..

Vincent's dessert (with set meal)

Although it's costly (for me), but is worth.. Maybe next time can really try on the main course and appetizer.. Not just the dessert.. Awaiting...

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