Sunday, 31 August 2008

Communication Problem

I'm facing the problem in Kelantan, talking is very hard, I don't understand what they are talking about, and their talking style is very fast, really can't get what they wanna say.. Sometimes when customer approach me, they are talking things that I don't know.. Kelantan slang..

Example: "bila" / "bilo", "banyak" / "banyok"

Haihz.. So when customer talking to me, I will just pass to my colleague to handle, coz I don't have that patience to hear.. When I can't hear, I will getting "mang zhang", sure that fella kena scold by me kao kao.. haha..

Monday, 25 August 2008


Just finish maxis roadshow at Yayasan Selangor.. Haihz.. Damn tired now!! but still busying for the report writing, so many report need to do and have to submit by today or tomorrow, cos this Wednesday have go to Kota Bahru for another roadshow.. Arrrr.. I think don't have time to settle other things.. Tired!!!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Working Phobia

Haihz.. Feeling uneasy now.. Seems like something gonna happen soon.. Last time I used to play around with my crew, but now no more.. My manager asked me must have some distance with them, coz they are working with us.. At first I'll think of, when I gang with them, working will become easier, but it's not actually.. My crew will start to step on me, coz they know I won't scold them.. They're late for work, lazy and day dreaming.. So disappointed!! Hmmm, think not to use them anymore..

Besides my crew, dealers also got problem.. Last few roadshow, I do worked with the same Maxis dealer, so that I can chit-chatting with them and we already become friend.. but this time was different, I work with different dealer and that idiot dealer has do a lot complaint, complaint the bull-shit thing, complaint our DJ "Fat".. Is "fat" a problem? The dealer said he's fat and messy.. Haihz.. I also don't know what to say.. We can't fight back, coz they are Maxis Dealer and Maxis is our client.. If we do so, sure bring a lot of trouble.. That's why we just let them complaint.. Sure I will curse him to die..

Last is our client, till last Saturday only I know my client style.. So hatable.. Working without system and like to scold people without reasons.. Is not my fault, she is angry my manager but they are scold me.. Haihz.. This is so called "WOMEN"!! Like crab!! Coz crab is not walking in straight line..

Hmmm.. and what happen today was, my client asked me change the format that she set last 2 weeks.. This is just like what the advertisement wrote "change without prior notice!!" Haihz.. Again, Women!! Next time really scare to work in roadshow or work with them, coz will see them.. They are the sign of "tiger".. So fierce!!

Sunday, 10 August 2008


My 1st Converse!! Like it so much!!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Mongolia Steamboat

Yesterday went out with Lesly, Drew, JC and CP.. Having our dinner at Mongolia Steamboat Restaurant “Inner Mongolia", a buffet style of steamboat, just somewhere near Pudu Jail.. Coz it's buffet style, our fatty Lesly keep on order and order, mostly meat (Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Fish and himself - pork).. Hoho.. I think we order for more than 30 plates of food.. But, we can finish all.. Lesly and JC was the DBKL King and Queen, coz nearly to end, both of them clear all the food.. (Why we are not helping? - Hmmm.. Drew, CP and Me busy for the Olympic Open Ceremony, we eat only when the show stop for the advertisement period..) Haha!!

Price: RM33++
Environment: 70%
Food: 85%
Service: 95%

Friday, 1 August 2008


唉~ 今天遇见一个王八蛋,一个专告状的小人。一件小事可以传到每个人都知道,而且是在短时间内,而且连最大的老板也知道。厉害,厉害!真的很想诅咒他,要他快点死。做工需要准时,时间固然重要,但生命更重要。上司叫我十点从安邦去蒲种的厂拿东西然后在十一点要到KLCC。在这么紧密的时间下,唯有开快车,车速高达160,很危险哦,可能会中“牛肉干”,但是没办法,哈利又一直打电话来。都怪我的上司,乱乱答应人,明知道时间很紧抽,就不要答应啊。还不是搞到我!

过后哈利叫我去Mandarin Oriental 酒店旁边的Mini Roundabout等他,可是兜来兜去都找不到。其实我可以在十一点前到,可是就是在那附近兜了几圈,拖迟了时间。过后我就没去找他,我就去泊车,直接去到KL Convention Center,那时候才11:15。就迟了那么的十五分钟,那个仆街就开始打电话投诉我们的服务不好了,这什么人啊。 好讨厌哦!最好他死快点!

4 臭


昨晚去看戏《The Mummy》,戏票是免费的,可是却要忍受四臭的攻击。看了那么多次戏,从未试过这么臭,可能是全院满座的关系吧!人多,味道也自然变多。前排是超肥的印度人,旁边是超胖的马来佬,臭味是周围夹攻,臭死了!躲在冷衣里的我很难呼吸,一拿开臭味又吹来了。真的很难顶啊!

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