Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lucky Star de Phin Phin

Last week, Phin Phin has received a courier from Maybank. We already know what's inside, is a iPhone. Yes! It's a iPhone. A free iPhone from Maybank, where Phin Phin is the 1st 100 winner in "Maybankard iPhone 4s Contest" for January 2012.

Although is just a 16GB iPhone 4s, but it already satisfied us. Phin Phin knew that my phone is time to change, and this iPhone just came in the right time. At first, thought to sell it and buy another phone, but since this is Phin Phin's luck, so just kept this good luck with him. And now, the iPhone is belongs to me. Hehe~

Love, Thanks Maybank!

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