Thursday, 22 April 2010

Glamour Trendy Creative (GTC)

Early of the year, there are so many bridal fair in town.. For sure won't miss any chance to hunt for the best offer from those bridal gallery.. And here we have booked for GTC Briday Gallery, Jalan Ipoh.. Although offer was not the best among the others, but we do like the servicing from their company..

Package includes:-
  • CDR - 55 Poses (Unlocked), additional RM1K++ to get back all the soft copy
  • Chief Photographer
  • 1 Big Album with Crystal (Acrylic) Cover
  • 1 Medium Album with Crystal (Acrylic) Cover
  • 1 2R Mini Portable Album
  • 1 22x40 Big Photo with Frame
  • 2 10R Photo with Frame for Parents
  • 1 9x18 Photo with Frame
  • 100 4x6 Photo (Ji Mui's Photo) - 10 Poses
  • 1 24x48 Poster
  • 8 Gowns for Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting (6 Indoor and 2 Outdoor)
  • 3 Super VIP Range Gown on the Actual Day
  • 1 Outdoor MTV Shooting
  • 1 Signature Booklet with Photo and 1 Signature Booklet without Photo
  • 2 DVDs for Pre-Wedding Slide Show
  • Car Decoration
In the past Matta Fair, GTC has a small promotion area together with a travel agency.. And they are selling Taiwan Trip together with the wedding photo shooting at Taiwan.. At first I was thinking it's so expensive if I want to join.. After a small discussion with Phin Phin, he said "Yes" to me.. So the next day, we went to Matta Fair again, to know more about the trip and get some information, but so sad, they told us they are not enough participator, so the tour maybe cancel..

But last 2 weeks, Phin Phin get the call from GTC, and they told us the trip is ON.. Hahaha!! I'm so glad to receive this good news.. So yesterday, we went to GTC for the payment.. And the tour will be in June..

At first, thought the shooting will be at "The Nature Farm - 飞牛牧场" and "Lavender Farm - 薰衣草木屋", but now they have changed to "Taiwan YehLiu Geological Park - 野柳", "Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf - 淡水鱼人码头白色情人桥", "Taipei County's Gold Museum - 黄金博物馆", "Taiwan JiuFen - 九份" and "Taipei 101 - 101大楼".. Sounds great, but don't know can shoot that many places or not..

I don't think that me and Phin Phin will have extra money to go for Honeymoon after our wedding, so this tour consider our Honeymoon Trip, and this is the deal between me and Phin Phin..

Taiwan Trip includes:-
  • 7 Days 6 Nights Taiwan Tour
  • China Airlines Flight
  • Meal for 6 days (6 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 2 Dinner)
  • Hotel
  • 1 Day Wedding Shooting with 2 gowns
The price for this tour is reasonable, deduct my existing package price, the tour only cost me RM4K++ for 2 persons.. Now left only 2 months, and my slimming schedule have to work more harder.. I'm so excited!!

Click here for GTC Bridal Gallery


uLi.佑莉 said...

Enjoy the shooting at Taiwan ya :)

Pui Kuan said...

Enjoy ur shooting & taiwan trip....

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