Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas 2012

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
Better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town.

Last year we do setup our Christmas tree and some decorations in our room, but for this year, NOTHING!!! The most boring Christmas ever. 

For myself, I just received a small gift from Phin Phin. While for our lil one, she got her present as well, a present from daddy and mommy.  

Look Look - For me
Coco - For lil Kopi Mui

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New "Shirt" For My Instax Mini 7s

Finally, I got a new shirt for my Instax Mini 7s, found this lovely leather cover at the kiosk stall located at Level 3 Mid Valley. Before this, I browse through those online shop and able to get it with RM85 (not included shipping), after the shipping cost, it would be RM90++, so I didn't buy it, which I think is expensive.

But, not considered much when I saw this selling at RM79, and I bought it directly. Although it's not very cheap, but at least I can touch and feel the product before make any purchase.

So, here's my classic brown leather cover for my little blue.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Souvenirs from UK & Europe

The most valuable souvenirs that I ever received. Thanks Mun Wai for these lovely souvenirs, not only for me, but for my lil one as well. Love it~

Gucci Bag

Burberry Children (2Yrs)

Baby Gap Romper (0-3mths)

Burberry Baby (0-3mths)

Paris Tower Keychain

M&M Fridge Magnet

Monday, 29 October 2012

Anniversary Gift ~ My Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s ~

Another anniversary gift from Phin Phin was a "Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s - Instant Camera". He knew that I want it for so long, and I'm so surprise to receive this as my anniversary gift.

Actually I'm not good in taking photograph, but I love camera. Myself owned a digital camera and a lomography camera. And now my new toy was the instant camera. Wish to have a DSLR camera as well, but of course have to wait, it's so expensive.

Although this camera looks bulky and round, but it's so cute from every angle. It's lightweight and compact. And the photo quality is sharp and clear. Love it~

Check out the photo ^^

Now wonder where to put all these small size photo and the camera. So it's time for me to seek for camera bag and photo album. :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Anniversary Gift ~My Jigsaw Puzzle~

How time flies!

Me and Phin Phin knew each other for 6 years and get married for 2 years. In this year end or maybe early of next year, there will be a little princess joining in. 

So for this year anniversary, Phin Phin spent time in choosing gift. Anniversary gift not only for me, but for our princess as well. And this is what Phin Phin gave us for anniversary. A Disney Baby World Puzzle. In the puzzle, it's all the Disney baby characters.

The Lion King - Brother Bear - Hercules 
Fun and Fancy Free - Lilo & Stitch - Dumbo - Winnie The Pooh
Bambi - The Jungle Book - The Ugly Duckling 
Alice in Wonderland - The Aristocats - Lady and The Tramp 
Little Hiawtha - Dalmatians - Pinocchio 

Since I'm not working, Phin Phin has chose the best gift ever, I can filled my time with doing the puzzle. But I finished this puzzle in just 4 days time, so now just wait the puzzle to be framed, and this will be the first gift we give to our princess. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

• Our 2nd Anniversary •

Time flies, on October 2, it's our second anniversary. For this year, a bit different, not just 2 of us celebrating this special day, but 3, include the lil one in my tummy. Our little princess will arrive in less than 3 months time, but both of us are ready to welcome her. 

This year, Phin Phin do gave me surprise. Although just celebrate at home, but I'm so happy. Phin Phin decorate the bed with lighting, card and present at the middle. Love the gift so much!

Bed with lighting and present

Me, Phin Phin & Yun Yun

Yun Yun and the Fujifilm Instax Mini

Bin Bin and the Jigsaw Puzzle
(Our first gift for the lil one)

Monday, 1 October 2012






Monday, 3 September 2012

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia @ Melaka

Finally... We managed to have a short trip to Melaka during the Merdeka Holiday. We have spent 2 days 1 night in Melaka, to visit the historical building, taste the food in town and find Phin Phin's sister. This round, not just 2 of us, but 3, including the lil one.

At first we thought it will be very jam, but luckily the traffic is smooth from KL all the way to Melaka, just a bit jam when we are in the town. We leave home at 4pm and at around 6pm, we reached Melaka. We straight away go to Jonker Street to hunt for our dinner. We filled up our tummy with some snacks. After that, we go for dinner, a back street stall of Hokkien Mee as our main dinner. Yummy~

Then we go to find Phin Phin's sister at Taman Merdeka and checked-in hotel nearby. Lucky there is room available and it's not expensive, it cost only RM80/night. Clean and comfortable hotel for our night. The next day morning, we woke up early and bring Phin Phin's nephews for breakfast and also to have the thousand layer cake at Nadeja Cafe. 4 slices of cake, cost us RM37, it's quite expensive actually, but the taste is good.

Then we send them back home, and we start our own photo section at town. We have bring our Diana Mini camera for the trip, so most of the photo will be captured using my Lomo-Lomo camera. These are just few that captured by using my mobile. Waiting my film to be developed.

A nice trip for us, and will planning another short trip in the soonest. :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

i-City Shah Alam

Last Sunday was a boring weekend, nothing to do in the afternoon, and I have spent my daytime with "Mr Chow"(周公). At night only we have something special, Phin Phin brought me to i-City. Knew this place quite a long time, but never been there before.

Because we went out early, and the day is still bright, so we have our dinner at Jusco Bukit Raja before going to i-City. After dinner, we then head to i-City, we passed by and saw the beautiful lighting, just can't wait to get down and took a photo. But my camera is not good, so can't capture the super lighting effect during night time. So sad~

Check out my photo and the model of the day "Yun Yun de Penguin":

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lucky Star de Phin Phin

Last week, Phin Phin has received a courier from Maybank. We already know what's inside, is a iPhone. Yes! It's a iPhone. A free iPhone from Maybank, where Phin Phin is the 1st 100 winner in "Maybankard iPhone 4s Contest" for January 2012.

Although is just a 16GB iPhone 4s, but it already satisfied us. Phin Phin knew that my phone is time to change, and this iPhone just came in the right time. At first, thought to sell it and buy another phone, but since this is Phin Phin's luck, so just kept this good luck with him. And now, the iPhone is belongs to me. Hehe~

Love, Thanks Maybank!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

许留山 @ Times Square




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