Friday, 15 September 2017

Mother-Daughter Melbourne Trip (Part 3)

Day 4, Sheonon bring us to Williamstown, he claimed that the best fish and chips in town is here. A set of $30 enough for 2-3 persons. It's in take-away style, a big packet of seafood fish and chips set, which has 2 slices of gummy shark flake, prawns, calamari and chips, also comes with 2 bottles of juice.

Image result for the town fryer

After our brunch, we have a walk at Gem Pier and along the Hobsons Bay. Nice scenery, is a great place to visit. We have took some nice photos here. Check it out!

There is a park along Bay Trail. Loves to see Moon Moon running at the park, it's really a relaxing place, can even lay on the grass.


In Williamstown, there is one Ice Cream Shop which sell varieties of ice cream. Sheonon has chose a special flavor for me, which is "Chili Chocolate Ice Cream", it's really taste chili and it's kinda spicy. I still preferred those sweet ice cream, but good try. While Moon Moon has picked a rainbow ice cream, nice to see but taste weird.

After awhile, we went to the local supermarket to get some fresh ingredients for Sheonon's shop use. After some grocer shopping, we heading back to restaurant. Thought it's going to be a boring night for me and Moon Moon, luckily there's something special waiting for us. We are going to the Winter Night Market, located at Queen Victoria Market, every Wednesday from 6 June - 30 August 2017. Coincidence, it's 30 August, the last day of this night market, for sure I won't miss it. Since Sheonon needs to work, no choice, I'm going there by myself. Taking train from Hoppers Crossing to Melbourne Central. Only myself and Moon Moon, with no mobile phone and map, just the direction given by Sheonon's sister, and we are there.

Very different kind of night market, there are live music, beer station, food stalls and some specialty design stalls. People are queuing up for foods, enjoying their drinks, but for us, we enjoy the live show and music. When we are cold, we can go to the open fire to warm up. Nice experience.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Mother-Daughter Melbourne Trip (Part 2)

On day 3, we are going to Twelve Apostles. Early in the morning, we have our breakfast at McDonald's. The must try in oversea McDonald's is their pork menu. Here's my Bacon & Egg McMuffin. In Australia, they called McDonald's as Macca's. In this restaurant, they is small playground, so I can enjoyed my breakfast while Moon Moon is playing at the playground.

It took around 2 and half hours to reach the place. Since I have enough sleep last night, so I enjoyed the scene along our journey. Huge green fields with full of cows and lambs. Blue sky with white clouds and green grass. How great if can see it everyday. It's relaxing.

Finally we are here, nice view and enjoying the wind blowing on face, but yet still the same, I felt freezing cold. Twelve Apostles - Initially there are twelve limestone rocks, but due to rain, wind and high waves continue to carve the Apostles which will eventually disappear. In year 2016, there are 9 Apostles, but now left only 8 Apostles.

Due to Sheonon working hours limitation, we are able to go one place, will continue our journey the next day. While driving back, my little one sleeping soundly. Love my little sweetie. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Mother-Daughter Melbourne Trip (Part 1)

In August, I have made a trip to Melbourne with Mui Mui. Never go for the trip without planning, this is the first time and with less than 2 months of preparation. Since Melbourne was in winter during June - August, so we have to prepare all the winter stuffs. I was there to visit one of my best friend, Sheonon. A very warm welcome from him, he provides me accommodations and meals. Here's to start my 8D7N Melbourne Trip.  

Never believe I can travel alone with Mui Mui with long flight hours. Sounds like mission impossible, but we did it. After 8 hours flight, we are in Melbourne Airport, and Sheonon is there waiting for us. Once I stepped out the airport, the weather is killing, freezing cold with only 2° C. Luckily I have put on more clothes for Mui Mui, but myself with just a thin jacket. Really can't stand on the cold, and I wish I was at home that time.

The next day, Sheonon has planned the schedule for us. Maybe just because of too cold, I can't sleep well. Should have enjoy the beautiful scene along the car journey, but I'm too tired, I sleep in the car. First, we have our breakfast nearby our place, then we went to Mornington, to see the bathing boxes. Thought it will be lots of boxes, but end up just few of them, maybe we have went to the wrong place. Think to take more photos, but it's raining. How sad I am. 


Since it's raining, we went to Pure Peninsula Honey, to buy honey. They are selling all the honey related product. Before this, dad and sister asked me to buy them honey, so I have chose 1kg of Iron Bark Honey for sister and 1kg of Manuka Honey 30+ for dad. Think to buy the concentrated Manuka Honey 400+ for dad, but it's very expensive. We have tried their honey ice cream, it's tasty and myself preferred honey ice cream with macadamia nuts. Eating ice cream in cold weather is super nice.

Just the right time, the rain has stopped after we have finished our ice cream. Then we went to Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, located at Pearcedale on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. In here, we can meet the kangaroos, wombats, dingoes, colorful birds, and koala. Too bad they need additional charges to take photo with the koala. If not mistaken is around AUD25, which I think it's not worth. This is a very good place for Mui Mui to explore and a good time to educate her about the animals. We can hand-feeding the wallabies and kangaroos. What's a good experience.

Next stop is Cape Schanck, and the most recognizable symbol of Cape Schanck is the Cape Schanck Lighthouse. Beautiful place, loves the scenery very much. Still the same feeling, is freezing cold when up to the mountain.  

After the day trip at Mornington, we then moved to city, to have our dinner and to see the beautiful night view of Melbourne City. The most impressed was the Gas Brigades Fire Show from Crown Casino, there are 8 towers shooting the fireballs in the night, is a must see during in Melbourne. No chance to visit the casino where I'm with my little girl, we just walk around in Melbourne Southbank.

End of the day, we are tiring, went back to have a good sleep and prepare for next day trip.
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