Tuesday, 20 June 2017

My Langkawi Trip

Having a short break with Baby Moon during the school holiday. We went to Langkawi for our holiday, it's what Baby Moon requests, a seaside holiday. Planned this trip in just 2 weeks time, get our flight and hotel from AirAsiaGo. This time, think to have a luxurious stay, so I have chose Berjaya Langkawi Resort for our accommodation. The cheapest 5 stars hotel in Langkawi, took the cheapest room (Rainforest Chalet), but I think is expensive too.

The hotel area is so big, from lobby to chalet needs shutter. If walking, think it takes about 10 minutes. Many foreigners chose to walk, but of course not me. I took the shutter every time when I need.  

Since just two of us, I have to make everything safe for me and Baby Moon. So I have rent a car, drive in the island with no worries. Due to the hotel is located quite far from Kuah town, this time we don't even have time to go. Mainly just go nearby the hotel. This is our car, the new Axia.

We reached Langkawi around 11.30am, took our car then straight away check-in our hotel. Settle down then we head to Underwater World, where a place for Baby Moon to explore. Baby Moon loves to see stingray, because she says it looks like "funny ghost face".









  After this, we went to SkyBridge, due to Puasa month, SkyBridge will close early at 4pm. When we are there, it's around 4.15pm, so we just plan to go on another day. No choice, so we went back to hotel, change on swimming suit go for swimming pool and beach side. Play for while, it's time to have our dinner. Mom was so worried about me and Baby Moon, told me to have our dinner in the hotel. We then have our dinner in the hotel, a Chinese and Japanese restaurant. It's very hard to order our meal, 1 portion not enough, 2 portions too much. End up I ordered for 2, superb full. No night activities, just enjoy ourselves in the room. Need to sleep early, where we have tour in the next morning.

On second day, we went for Mangrove Tour, booked early via online. Having a super nice breakfast in the hotel with variety of food. Kick start my day in the beautiful morning. Sharp at 9 o'clock, the driver pick-up at the hotel lobby.

Packages includes: 
River Cruise
Fish Feeding
Cave Exploration Crocodile Cave
Bat Cave
Eagle Seeing
Fish Breeding Farm
Lunch at Floating Restaurant
Swimming at Tanjung Rhu Beach    

Thanks Mr Jack, the tour guide who gaves us his good service during the tour. The tour was well arranged and informative. Myself and Baby Moon loves it so much.

After the tour, we are so tired. Rest awhile in hotel, and we prepared to go to the beach. We bring along the sandcastle equipment think to build something, but end up, I just do her a round circle. She said is a "house". Really like this place, nice and comfy.

Last day, we went for Langkawi Cable Car. I felt that the entrance ticket is so expensive, must take their package. Basic package includes SkyCab, SkyDome, SkyRex and 3D Art Langkawi. Since we have time limitation, we have to go as fast as we can. Reach there around 9.30am, take the cable car ride up to the peak. Maybe too early, we not able to go for the SkyBridge, because it's too foggy. SkyBridge is not including in the package, we have to pay extra RM5 for it. Cold breeze up there, walk awhile then we go for the SkyDome. Nothing special, and I felt so dizzy after watching the show.

I'm really mad when I go to the SkyRex. Reached there around 10.45am, the worker told me starts at 11am. I think this would be the whole day show, since there is no showing hour stated at the entrance. So I go to 3D Art first then only come back for SkyRex. Who knows, when I finished my 3D Art, went to SkyRex again, they told me to wait till 12 noon for the next show. At that moment, I give up, I don't want to see anymore because I got no time. I need to rush back to hotel for check-out.

Conclusion, I paid total RM70 for both adult and kid, but that's not my expectation. So disappointed.

So fast, we need to say goodbye to Langkawi. Although a short trip, we enjoy to the max.

Saturday, 15 April 2017








早早起床,回家后当然就是睡觉啦,因为晚上我们要去看电影“Beauty and the Beast”。Keningau Mall开了新的戏院,下次回去可以看戏了,不用每天待在家里。二嫂的家人真的很热情,不知道什么节日,突然间说要给阿妹搞派对。去到二嫂娘家,看到气球布置,她的家人还准备了很多礼物送给阿妹,真的很感动。二嫂家人把我们也当成他们的家人了。每次回去都很热情的款待我们。太感恩了!





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