Monday, 23 November 2009

MBO Cineplex, Full House?

MBO Cineplex at Galaxy Ampang has been operating about 4 years, so far within these few years, I saw only twice with crowd at MBO, first time was Spiderman 3 and now is 2012.. Normally there are not much people watching movie here, except those huge budget production movie shown in cinema..

Since 2012 is showing now, and it's a worth-to-see movie, so it make MBO full house with long long queue.. They opened more than 8 showtime daily, and it's all full and seated.. I have been here last week, but it's full house too, so yesterday went to MBO again.. Luckily I'm MBO card holder, don't have to wait for queue, can buy directly from the kiosk machine, but still didn't buy for the ticket, all the seat left only first front lane.. And so me and Phin Phin has bought the 2012 ticket for Tuesday, 9 o'clock, is just nice to watch 3 hours movie..

Suddenly felt that the MBO Card is so convenience
1. Don't have to make queue at ticket counter
2. RM1 cheaper than counter price, which is RM8 for new movie (normal price RM9)
3. Can pick cinema and seat

So now waiting to watch 2012, hope that really a nice movie.. :D

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uLi.佑莉 said...

2012 is a nice movie, worth a watch at cinema =)

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