Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 4

Another day to go, and here we go - - - - - - MACAU

A place where famous with their CASINO.. No matter it's a big casino or a small casino, the whole Macau has 35 casinos.. Yes, is 35.. Unbelievable? Sound attractive? It's consider a lot.. Let says, one day go once, can go more than a month.. For gambling kaki, for sure they won't leave this place..

Since yesterday we have visited Disneyland, and all of us has bought the Disney T-Shirt, so today decide to wear a group in Mickey.. Early morning, Ann's Travel has sent us to the "Kowloon-Macau Port" to take ferry.. While waiting for the ferry, we met a guy who is doing the survey.. For Cantonese is “问卷调查”.. Can't even know I got the chance to take the survey.. Hehe..

After an hour, we reached Macau, and the on ground tour guide pick us at the port.. The first location to go was "Golden Lotus Square", one of the symbol in Macau, presented by the State Council of the People's Republic of China in 1999, marks the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's Republic of China.. (Explanation copy from Internet)

Then we visit the "Guanyin Statue", located outside the harbor, and it also known as Kun Lam Ecumenical Center.. After that we went to "Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre".. Here got the world's highest bungy jumping, and sky dancing (if I'm not mistaken).. For the bungy jump quite expensive, it cost around HKD2000, includes all facilities and video recording..

Next location to "A-Ma Temple", this was one of the attraction, but my main is not here, is the souvenir shop nearby this temple, which is "钜记".. We can buy some souvenir here, the local "Almond Biscuit".. I tried, and it's not that delicious, but still need to buy some as souvenir to my colleagues.. And here I have found the delicious "Portuguese Egg Tart".. Is so yummy.. Maybe Macau been dominated by Portugal, so is the origins..

Then we have our buffet lunch at "Macau Fisherman's Whaft", and we have spent half and hour at Babylon Casino.. And me and Phin Phin have won HKD1500 from here.. Is so lucky, unbelievable, coz we always lose money in Genting, and here we can win so much money.. Here's the casino was so high-tech, all the gaming machine will print the winning ticket, and just insert the ticket into the auto machine, just like a ATM, then can be withdraw the money out.. It's simple and easy, so convinience..

The next attraction "澳门大山巴", look so familiar? Yes, this has been appeared in the TVB Drama, cast by Chi Lam and Charmaine Sheh "澳门街".. This place was so nice.. And make me think of "初哥哥" and "君好"..

Together with these location was "大炮台", where the portuguese build this to protect from outsider's attact.. Here has become the tourist attractive, and those cannon still placed here for the sightseeing purpose..

After the half day tour, we have spent our time at "The Venetian", the world's largest casino, it's even bigger than casino in Las Vegas.. Venetian is a casino, and it also a shopping mall.. Since they not allow to take photo in the casino, so I just take some photo at the shopping mall.. The design just looks like being in Venice.. France built building, feeling so good.. And here, we won money as well, so total we have won around HKD2000.. Haha!! I'm so happy.. Me and Phin Phin was so lucky..

After few hours, we went for dinner.. Wah.. Although the food not that special, but the environment was so good.. Like it so much!! A Unagi set rice and Chicken Chop Rice, cost me around HKD100.. After we have finished our dinner, we wait Vincent and Tammy in the casino.. Know what? We saw TVB actress "蒙嘉慧" and "陈法拉", they look pretty and gorgeous in real.. So lucky we can met them..

After all, we take the ferry back to Kowloon.. A day with lucky and TIRED..

To be continued.... (Hong Kong Trip - Day 5)

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