Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 3

Third day of my Hong Kong Trip, a sweet and lovely day.. Is third anniversary of me and Phin Phin, a day for celebration.. Coincidence, we can celebrate at Hong Kong Disneyland.. Before going to HK, me and Phin Phin has bought a same color shirt, where can wear during our anniversary.. So today we are in PINK..

Since we want to go to the "Tathagata Buddha" first, so the bus driver send us to "Tung Chung Station" to take the cable car up to Ngong Ping.. There is new thing here, a crystal cabin, it's a see-through cabin, quite scary.. And the ticket for this was very expensive, 6 of us, cost around HKD900, we took an one way crystal cabin and a one way normal cabin.. So that we can try both of it..

We reached around 1pm and walking around there.. We have the most expensive lunch in our Hong Kong Trip.. This meal cost us around HKD400.. One bowl of white rice cost HKD10.. So can imagine how expensive it was.. From the menu, we have chose the cheapest dishes, but still very expensive.. We ordered 6 white rice, 1 salt fish chicken tofu, 1 sweet sour chicken, 1 fried pork and 1 pot of tea.. All these was normal dishes, but was so expensive..

After our meal, we went to the Giant Tathagata Buddha, 250 staircases to go for this giant man statue.. It was hot weather, so when we are up there, is sweat.. Since the next day we go Macau, for sure won't miss the chance to pray for luck.. Luck for winning money.. Hehe!!

While we are walking back to the cable car, saw a popcorn car, cost HKD20 for this cup of popcorn.. Is crispy and crunchy.. Yummy!!

And is the journey to Disneyland, took the train at Sunny Bay Station.. It's shocked when we saw the Disney Train, from the outlook into the interior, full of Disney kind of thing.. The thing I prefer the most was the Mickey Head Handle.. It's very nice..

Finally, we reached Hong Kong Disneyland.. Once we reached, there is a big Mickey Fountain.. There is Mickey, Mini, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto.. Like it so much!

Entry passes we got is Mickey and Goofy, and I have kept it as a collection.. Reached at 4pm, it's really not enough time for us to visit Disneyland.. 8 o'clock there is firework show, but we have only 4 hours to walk around the area.. So we left our members and walked in 2..

The first show we saw was the Disney Parade, with Toy Story, Giant Mickey, The Little Mermaid, the Disney Castle, and so.. One of the regret thing for this visit was, I didn't take photo with any Disney character..

After the Disney Parade, we went to Fantasyland, join "The Golden Micky" theater, but the seat is sucks and fed up with those kid, they can't even sit properly and scream for the whole 30 minutes show.. And here with the "Small World", get a ride on boat, visiting the small world, it's cute, but nothing special..

Visit Disneyland for sure will spend some money here.. All the thing here was so attractive, T-shirt, key Chain, Accessories, Photo Frame, Ornament and so on.. I can't even leave this place.. And so I have spent around HKD2000 here.. Buy some souvenir for myself and family.. And this is some of my “战利品”..

The castle looks very nice from every time, no matter is day time or night time.. Just I'm so regret that I can't take the castle photo with firework.. All of our camera was out of battery, and just able to capture without firework.. What's a regretting thing is my journey.. Haihz.. If I have another chance been to Disneyland, I will standby more battery and tripod to capture the castle.. Hope I can come back here!

To be continued.... (Hong Kong Trip - Day 4)


uLi.佑莉 said...

Both places reminds me on my HK biz trip last year...syiok hor? hehehe~

HuiPeng said...

It's nice.. but not enough time to play around.. Hope can be there again..

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