Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Nice View

Just post it to share!!

Somewhere at Terengganu

Monday, 28 January 2008

Long and Ghostly Journey

Yesterday just come back from Terengganu, this trip really make me crazy.. Especially the last day we back to KL.. All my friends are getting crazy, they said wanna go Penang before go back to KL.. Haihz.. From Terengganu to Penang really take time, we use almost 5 1/2 hours only reach Penang.. Some places I haven't heard of it before.. From TRG - Jerteh - Machang - Grik - Kulim - Butterworth.. All the ways are crooked road and very narrow, damn dangerous and will pass through many rural area.. No regret to choose this way to Penang, because we saw something that very nice, it was a big lake "Tasik Temonggong".. That place is just like a painting, very beautiful..

During the journey, I received the message from Maxis, as below:
Have a wonderful time in Thailand.
If you need help, do not worry.
You can always call the Malaysian Embassy at +66026792190

The center has detected that I'm very near to Thailand.. So they send the message to me and ask me for roaming.. We actually near to Thailand, but we not going there.. Haha!!

Actually the journey make me dizzy, so I requested to drive, to reduce my dizziness.. Haha!! When we reached Penang, I got no dizzy at all, cos I saw a lot of the pirated DVD, that's my favorite.. Same as last time, I bought a lots.. Last time most of it was movie, this time was drama.. I prefer drama.. It's really lazy to download, it's slow.. Hmmm.. Finally I have bought the soundtracks of "Alvin and the Chipmunks".. Woooo.. The songs were great..

When we on the way back to KL, Alex has told us a story about the highway.. He said last time there was a bus accident occured at the toll area.. 70% of the passengers are dead, and after the incident, the survivors have tell the truth story.. They said their car disappeared at the highway and suddenly come out at the toll area and hit the barrier, they have missed the place named "Tanah".. This sound like got third space in the world.. OMG, it's so ghostly, because we are on that highway as well.. We all get shocked of this story and stop him for telling.. After a while he continued his story, he said the bus having the accident is because they saw a "Mini Cooper" at the highway and their speed is faster than the Mini Cooper.. Oh no!! Suddenly me and others become scared and shaking.. We scared we saw the Mini Cooper.. Luckily along the road we didn't see any of the Mini Cooper and we are coming back with safe.. Thanks god!! This journey really prostrate with fear.. Arrrhhhhh.....

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Time: 2.34am
Status: Awake (Almost fall asleep)
Energy: 1 (Max. 10)
Physical: 1 (Max. 10)
Mental: 3 (Max. 10)

Haihz.. Nothing to do now, what a boring night.. Just finish playing "The Incredible Machines", this game really need some tactics in order to solve the problem.. Mentally tired.. Hmmm.. All people are sleeping, gaining energy for tomorrow work and school, but I'm still awake, do nothing.. Blogging is the only thing that I can do during the night.. Just now think to watch "Dragon Ball GT", but feel lazy, so just keep it aside.. This Wednesday will go Terengganu for work, is a part-time job, just to earn some money for this coming CNY.. Hope the environment is nice and comfortable.. :)

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Oat Cookies

Today another cookies have been baked, Oat Cookies.. This recipe is from Beh's mother, this consider quite delicious and tasty, but some have overbake, the outlook is not nice actually, so "black".. Haha!! For me, it is acceptable.. "Black" = Tasty

Oat Cookies

Friday, 18 January 2008

My Hometown Butter Cookies

Today has baked the cookies that I familiar with, is butter cookies.. Last few years I'm using the ready pack flour to bake the cookies, but this year I've tried to mix the flours by myself.. After mixed up all the ingredients, have to squezze it out to have a shape, but after baked, it is shapeless.. Too bad!!

Today I went to the shop to buy the ingredients, I forget what I need for this cookies, so ask my mum to check for me, but......... Mum has misread the ingredient, 40g of custard powder become 400g, so I have bought the pack of 500g and now left 460g.. I've browse through the cookies recipe, there are only 2 cookies that need the custard powder, so it's wasted.. Although is not expensive, but is not good to throw it.. Haihz..

Butter Cookies with Glaced Cherries

Thursday, 17 January 2008



Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bad Experience in Baking

Yesterday suddenly think to bake cake "Bahulu", but is too bad, the taste wasn't that nice.. When I bite, it seems like eating rubber.. Oh No!! What's wrong actually? I've followed the instruction from the recipe, but failed.. I baked quite a lot, no choice, have to force my family to eat some.. I cheated them that it is delicious and tasty, when they bite.............. Haha!! They be fooled.. Wakaka!! After that no one want to eat that, and it going to be in the dustbin.. Haihz...

Tomorrow will bake another cookies, this cookies I do have confident, because I have bake it for few years, sure get no problem, and my family will finish all of it.. Ganbate!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

NiuZeXui and Worms Forts

Last Sunday Phin and me went to NiuZeXui, somewhere near Kelana Jaya.. There is just like a high class night market, but some branded companies do opened their store over here, like Big Apple Donuts and Starbucks.. Hmmm.. Suddenly thinking that now people are donuts' addict, J.CO Donuts and Big Apple Donuts, there are always long queue.. Sometimes have to wait for half an hour only can buy the donuts.. NiuZeXui also the same, quite a long queue.. All the shops here are like a booth display, small spaces and almost all the shop are selling the same things, which I saw there are many repeating, especially telecommunication shop, accessories and clothing..

Recently I have used my mobile to play a game, Worms Forts.. It’s really good to play, easier and cute.. So decide to buy a PS2 Worms Forts game, coz TV screen is wider and don’t have to charge battery.. Last time used to charge my mobile 3 days a time, but now, one day have to charge for twice.. This can show how many that I like this game.. Haha.. When the worm die, it will become a grave and many weapons can be use to shoot the enemy, Worms Forts is GREAT!! I like it!!

Disco Worm

After that Phin and me went to One-U, Chinese New Year Sales is now started and I have bought a jacket.. The purpose for today’s shopping is to do survey in each shop.. I think the most valuable was FILA, they are having promotion, second item only for RM 8 (must be equal price or lower).. For this sales is planning to buy a pair of Converse’s shoe, bag, long pants and two shirts.. CNY is coming, so have to buy a new shirt for the CNY first day, New Year must have a new shirt and must be red (just like an ang pao)..Well, Chinese do like RED!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008



Sunday, 6 January 2008

Life without Laptop

This two weeks damn pity, have to use my desktop to surf Internet.. I have borrow my laptop for my cousin, she want to use it for her exam.. After that only can get back my laptop.. Today only the second days, still have 1 more week to go, suffering.. Luckily this idiot PC still can function.. Just now I have using one hour to set up the Internet connection, really fed up when fixing it.. Think tomorrow will have the same problem occur.. Tonight not going to shutdown my PC.. I'm downloading Taiwan Superstar.. Haha!! This desktop full of problem, slow in speed and limited storage.. Really don't know how I use it during Diploma and Advanced Diploma.. Somemore on that period have to use Adobe Illustrator.. Haihz.. My PC has become antique, become useless..

Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Wishes for 2-0-0-8



( . O )
(( ")(" )

Wednesday, 2 January 2008





Happy New Year
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