Monday, 28 January 2008

Long and Ghostly Journey

Yesterday just come back from Terengganu, this trip really make me crazy.. Especially the last day we back to KL.. All my friends are getting crazy, they said wanna go Penang before go back to KL.. Haihz.. From Terengganu to Penang really take time, we use almost 5 1/2 hours only reach Penang.. Some places I haven't heard of it before.. From TRG - Jerteh - Machang - Grik - Kulim - Butterworth.. All the ways are crooked road and very narrow, damn dangerous and will pass through many rural area.. No regret to choose this way to Penang, because we saw something that very nice, it was a big lake "Tasik Temonggong".. That place is just like a painting, very beautiful..

During the journey, I received the message from Maxis, as below:
Have a wonderful time in Thailand.
If you need help, do not worry.
You can always call the Malaysian Embassy at +66026792190

The center has detected that I'm very near to Thailand.. So they send the message to me and ask me for roaming.. We actually near to Thailand, but we not going there.. Haha!!

Actually the journey make me dizzy, so I requested to drive, to reduce my dizziness.. Haha!! When we reached Penang, I got no dizzy at all, cos I saw a lot of the pirated DVD, that's my favorite.. Same as last time, I bought a lots.. Last time most of it was movie, this time was drama.. I prefer drama.. It's really lazy to download, it's slow.. Hmmm.. Finally I have bought the soundtracks of "Alvin and the Chipmunks".. Woooo.. The songs were great..

When we on the way back to KL, Alex has told us a story about the highway.. He said last time there was a bus accident occured at the toll area.. 70% of the passengers are dead, and after the incident, the survivors have tell the truth story.. They said their car disappeared at the highway and suddenly come out at the toll area and hit the barrier, they have missed the place named "Tanah".. This sound like got third space in the world.. OMG, it's so ghostly, because we are on that highway as well.. We all get shocked of this story and stop him for telling.. After a while he continued his story, he said the bus having the accident is because they saw a "Mini Cooper" at the highway and their speed is faster than the Mini Cooper.. Oh no!! Suddenly me and others become scared and shaking.. We scared we saw the Mini Cooper.. Luckily along the road we didn't see any of the Mini Cooper and we are coming back with safe.. Thanks god!! This journey really prostrate with fear.. Arrrhhhhh.....

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