Sunday, 6 January 2008

Life without Laptop

This two weeks damn pity, have to use my desktop to surf Internet.. I have borrow my laptop for my cousin, she want to use it for her exam.. After that only can get back my laptop.. Today only the second days, still have 1 more week to go, suffering.. Luckily this idiot PC still can function.. Just now I have using one hour to set up the Internet connection, really fed up when fixing it.. Think tomorrow will have the same problem occur.. Tonight not going to shutdown my PC.. I'm downloading Taiwan Superstar.. Haha!! This desktop full of problem, slow in speed and limited storage.. Really don't know how I use it during Diploma and Advanced Diploma.. Somemore on that period have to use Adobe Illustrator.. Haihz.. My PC has become antique, become useless..

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