Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Say "Yes"

Yesterday has just terminated my Maxis Broadband at The Gardens, just because the line is getting slower at my area, wish to change, but the package still under contract , can terminate only after the contract period. At first thought to subscribe another newer package from Maxis, but really cannot convince myself to sign it. So decide to go for Yes, it's new in the market and it's reliable, maybe because their big boss behind. YTL

After a short discussion with Phin Phin, we headed to Lot 10, their concept store, to know more about the new "4G mobile internet with voice". And, I have signed up with Yes. With the package, it comes along with a device and 018 number, can make calls, SMS and internet with only 9 cents. I'm not a heavy internet user, so I think it would be suitable for me. Normal surfing, email, and blogging.

It's new to me, a top-up style from Yes, "pay only for what you use", it's something similar to prepaid. And now they are having promotion with RM100 rebate, RM10 per month for 10 months, and 10GB free usage until December 19.. For me, it's quite affordable.

I have paid for:-
Activation + YesID=RM50

Go 4G Dongle

180° Turning

Simless device and YesID. Here to experience the speed of Yes, is it as what they said? Can up to 12mpbs? Hopefully... :)

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Okie wor...after try tell me the experience :)

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