Wednesday, 29 December 2010

X'mas Present 2010


My x'mas present for year 2010. No snowman, No penguin, No bear, but a lil monkey, it's the production from RUSS too. Just because the Christmas doll collection for this year is damn ugly, so have to pick for another choice. At first thought to go for Hallmark's bear bear, but so expensive, just a medium one cost around RM200++, so it's not worth to own it. Round and round, finally I found this monkey at Jusco Puchong. I named it as "Chocolate" a.k.a. 朱古力.

And now Chocolate is the "alien" among all my lovely Christmas doll, because it's the only one with different color. Most of my dolls are in white, so it's kinda different, but the fur is the same, so softy. :)

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