Monday, 12 July 2010

Booked! ROM on the 7th August

Last Saturday, me and Phin Phin went to Thean Hou Temple for the ROM form submission, worried we can't get the selected date for our ROM, because it's on Saturday, afraid many people will pick on the same day, but luckily, we managed to get it.. And we have make our ROM date on the 7th August 2010, Saturday, 10am..

Since we register at Thean Hou Temple, and it's not under government, so we need to go JPN office to declare ourselves and get the approved chop from the officer.. Actually it's double job for us, but no choice, only THG provide ROM on the Saturday.. For the coming months, Saturday 7th only fall on month of August 2010.. Or else, I have to wait until May 2011.. Haha!! I want 7th so hardly.. And now, we have settle all the process, need to find a day to submit the complete supporting documents to THG..

Charges by each department:-
Application Fees: RM80
Sworn Declaration Fees: RM35
JPN Processing Fees: RM20
Total: RM135

Now it's time for me to choose a nice dress for my ROM, is it white will be nicer? Wish to get something cheap and nice for ROM!!

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Congrats! Finally huh :)

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