Wednesday, 29 December 2010

X'mas Present 2010


My x'mas present for year 2010. No snowman, No penguin, No bear, but a lil monkey, it's the production from RUSS too. Just because the Christmas doll collection for this year is damn ugly, so have to pick for another choice. At first thought to go for Hallmark's bear bear, but so expensive, just a medium one cost around RM200++, so it's not worth to own it. Round and round, finally I found this monkey at Jusco Puchong. I named it as "Chocolate" a.k.a. 朱古力.

And now Chocolate is the "alien" among all my lovely Christmas doll, because it's the only one with different color. Most of my dolls are in white, so it's kinda different, but the fur is the same, so softy. :)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Hair Style of Mine

Yesterday I've cut off my hair, just because my hair is so messy and untidy. At first thought to go for re-bonding, but the stylist suggested me to do relaxer instead of re-bonding, as my hair is just fluffy, not curly. After 3 hours, with hair-cut and treatment everything, I found out my hair was so "cacat", it's funny. Maybe I'm not use to this "Taiwan Fringe" yet.

Ya. It's Taiwan Fringe, myself just wonder the name of this fringe cut. Weird look of me now, and my face was round and fat with this hair style. :(

Taiwan Fringe Hair Cut

Sunday, 26 December 2010

My Christmas Eve

Jingle bells, Jingle bells
Jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

On the eve, I'm having a great Christmas eve dinner with my family. My brother brought us to his client's restaurant for a turkey meal, located at Solaris, Mont Kiara. It's our first time to try turkey, but it's not so delicious, taste are just the same with chicken, but I like the way they cook, it's BBQ. The turkey served is really big, half-way, we are full, and we gonna to take away the turkey, don't think we will waste the turkey. My mum will cook it become more delicious. :)

Berlin Biergaten @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Free Party Pack

BBQ Turkey with Fruity Rice

Mashed Potato and Vege


Wednesday, 15 December 2010



  • 冰冷、凉
  • 热气、煎炸、油腻
  • 花生
过了下个月, 就可以知道有没有好转了,不奢望完全复原,但是也希望有一点成绩。不然时间,金钱全都浪费了。

Friday, 10 December 2010

My Calendar ~2011~

It's almost end of the year of 2010. Wish to get the new calendar for year 2011, to plan my holiday and so, but don't have yet. So decide to do one for my own use.

Found out the south park creator since 2008, thought to work hard with the characters on my calendar, but I'm busy and lazy, keep delaying the work till 2010.. After 2 years, I'm free to do it.. From the original South Park characters to those that created thru the website, but some I have amend their clothing to match with the month, example, January is "Back to School", so the character is wearing the school dress. The same for the following month.

Will send out for printing and binding in next week, hope the output is satisfaction. Although is dull, but I like it so much!!

Original South Park Characters

And here is it

To create your own South Park characters, please visit

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Say "Yes"

Yesterday has just terminated my Maxis Broadband at The Gardens, just because the line is getting slower at my area, wish to change, but the package still under contract , can terminate only after the contract period. At first thought to subscribe another newer package from Maxis, but really cannot convince myself to sign it. So decide to go for Yes, it's new in the market and it's reliable, maybe because their big boss behind. YTL

After a short discussion with Phin Phin, we headed to Lot 10, their concept store, to know more about the new "4G mobile internet with voice". And, I have signed up with Yes. With the package, it comes along with a device and 018 number, can make calls, SMS and internet with only 9 cents. I'm not a heavy internet user, so I think it would be suitable for me. Normal surfing, email, and blogging.

It's new to me, a top-up style from Yes, "pay only for what you use", it's something similar to prepaid. And now they are having promotion with RM100 rebate, RM10 per month for 10 months, and 10GB free usage until December 19.. For me, it's quite affordable.

I have paid for:-
Activation + YesID=RM50

Go 4G Dongle

180° Turning

Simless device and YesID. Here to experience the speed of Yes, is it as what they said? Can up to 12mpbs? Hopefully... :)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Bukit Gambang Resort City @ Pahang

Last weekend, we have a nice stay at Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuantan.. Booked during last Matta Fair in September.. A rainy day from day to night, non-stop raining all the way when we step-into Pahang's district.. After 3 hours car journey, we reached the place at Gambang, and our accommodation will be at the "Caribbean Bay Suites".. Nice environment..

Since we reached there early, and the room only get ready by 3pm, hence, we went for Water Park to fill-up our free time, it's including in our package.. 4 complimentary tickets for 4 of us, and it's time for us to play around.. At that moment, we are big child..

Our accommodation - Caribbean Bay Suites

Swimming Pool

View from our balcony

Suites with 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Room and Balcony

Tram to WaterPark, 200m from the resort

Bukit Gambang WaterPark
Icon for the Park: Penguin

The Map

Me and Phin Phin, The only picture we took together

Big Kid - Jek Chee, Pui Kuan and Phin Phin, of course myself

The View of Penguin World

Watch Scanner for Locker, it's cute!!

Pui Kuan and Me @ Tram

About 1 and half hour, we leave waterpark, it seems suitable for kid rather than adult, after few played at slides, we prepared to go for lunch.. Somewhere nearby, after our lunch, it's almost 3 o'clock, we can check-in to our suites..

After 2 hours rest and relax, we prepared to go out for dinner.. Before the trip, we have found out a place for seafood, review was good, but we think it's so so for us, but still acceptable..

GPS bring us around

Dinner @ Pak Su Seafood Restaurant

Then the next day morning, it's time to go back, after our breakfast, we packed all our stuffs and prepared to back KL.. Half-way from Kuantan, we stopped at Bentong, Pui Kuan highly recommended Ice-Kacang and Nasi Lemak.. Not bad, it's yummylicious..

Ice-Kacang, ABC, Cendol and Nasi Lemak @ Bentong

After this short tip, have to wait another 3 months for the next, Bangkok-Pattaya-Thailand.. :)

Monday, 6 December 2010

Wedding Reception


Superb!! I wear my 4" high-heel for the whole night!!

On that day, I'm super duper tired after the morning tea ceremony session, but still can stand for a night.. Lucky it's carpet, if it's concrete flooring, I'm sure my leg will broken on the spot.. I'm so happy on that night, coz Phin Phin sang me a song when we march-in, surprised me.. The song is so cute!! Just too bad, no one record it, but I can ask Phin Phin to sing to me anytime I want.. :)

The bride and groom for the special day @ Federal Hotel

The naughty bride and groom

Both parent

My appointed photographer, Joshua Chong

Lovely ladies

Emcee for the dinner, Jeffery Ho

The only primary schoolmate, Eunice Dang

Mach-in + Singing

Pouring Champagne

I like this shot, and the way they shout-out

Phin Phin

I, Me and Myself

My College-mates
(JC, CP, Lesly and May)

My best ever crew for event

Naughty bride playing around with secondary schoolmates

Kissing in a group

All my relatives, a big group of us

My appointed make-up artist for the whole day, June

p/s: Dear all guests, friends and relatives.. Thanks for coming to this special place with us on our special day.. We are having a great day!

And the end...... For my wedding post!!
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