Thursday, 28 February 2008

Annoying Promoter

Last night we went to UO Supermarket, just to buy some daily necessity.. Once we go near the shampoo department, the promoter started to approach us to push their product.. What for they keep following us? If we need help we will ask for their help.. They are so annoying, keep asking what I'm looking for and what brand I'm using currently.. Damn hate!!

Normally I will get away from this kind of promoter, but I can't coz I just went to Tesco and the conditioner I looking for is out of stock, I don't want go to another supermarket again.. So decide to buy here.. Haihz.. I think there are more than 8 promoters around the department.. Some aunties are gossiping some more.. Actually I'm looking for the hair oil and conditioner and Phin is looking for hair gel.. I keep walking, but I can't find the brand I used.. After that, one friendly promoter come and serve us, till I know the product I used was no stock.. Too bad!!

Next time I will be smart, go on Monday to Wednesday, coz most of the promoter will be in the supermarket on Thursday to Sunday.. Gotcha!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Resume

Finally finish my resume writting, almost 5 months I keep this thing aside.. Tonight will start looking for job, I've asked Phin to buy me newspaper.. Just now I have referred to someone's resume, so that I can easily in writting, actually is copying.. Just now only I realized my skill was damn little, and qualification not good as well.. Really hard to get a good job, I think.. God Bless!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

One Missed Call

Last night went to MBO for a movie "One Missed Call".. Know what?!! The cinema only 4 persons include me and Phin, another two persons are boy.. We bought ticket through kiosk, so we can see how many people in the cinema, all the seats show in Green - Available, and only two seats show in Red - Taken.. If there are no one buying ticket, we won't watch this movie.. Luckily there are two..

It's reasonable no people watching this movie, because this movie has been showing for more then two weeks and the cinema we went is small.. We bought two tickets for only RM12, it's cheap.. Last time I heard from the ticket seller, he told me that the movie that showing for one week, the price will reduce RM1, two weeks reduce RM2 and so on.. The movie ticket at MBO is RM9, so two weeks has been reduced RM2, so ticket suppose to be RM7, but we using kiosk, discount RM1, so it costs of RM6.. That's cheap, right?!!

Actually this movie not that thrilling, but at one scene I've been shocked by that, scream in the cinema!! So embarassed.. Phin told me this movie copied from Japan, so now wish to watch the Japan version.. Compare which one more horror.. Hehe!! Finding torrent..

Monday, 25 February 2008


Last night was Jay Chou's Concert, but I didn't go for it.. What I can do is just watch his Concert DVD at home to get the atmosphere of the concert, watching the DVD was nice also.. The concert in Hong Kong really happening and full of crowd.. The concert was so successful.. From the stage design to the clothes he wore, is to match the song he sang..

One more thing was the guests, which he has invited many special guests to support the concert, such as Jackie Cheung, Chow Yun Fatt, Alan Ke You Lun, Nan Quan Mama - Yu Hao, Wilbert Pan and Fei Yu Qing.. Wah.. I like the special guests so much, especially Wilbert, he's so handsome and smart, but the song he sing not that nice.. Last few years, I've been to Energy's Concert, and their guest was Wilbert too, on that time I started to admire him.. Hehe!! This is what a girl will do!!

In the concert, there are many rock'n' roll area, just imagine how big was the stage.. Really nice!!In the DVD, their production has edit some animation into the concert, make the whole concert look nice.. Hmmm... Just hope can go for the concert in Taiwan, but just day dreaming, maybe when I get the chance, Jay has retire.. Haha!!

Thursday, 21 February 2008


Yesterday I've put the sex toy "dick" into the water.. It started to grow within 2 hours, after 24 hours, it has grow bigger and bigger, but when I touched it, it was so disgusting, the material is droping out.. Haha!! What's a funny sex toy!! Now I placed it in the barrel, after 72 hours, I will place it into a beautiful bottle as decoration.. At first, the size was about 3cm, now it has grow almost 11cm.. Now just to prove whether it can grow like a normal dick, because it has mentioned on the card "Grows 600% its size"..

"Dick" in the water

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

CNY Special

This Chinese New Year do have many special things, bf's birthday, dad's birthday, valentine day and win lottery.. Haha!! Bf's birthday on the first day of CNY, so on the eve I have bought a cake for him, the most cheapest cake from Baskin Robbins.. First time I bought Ice-cream cake, and the shape was damn ugly, maybe the ice-cream can't support the whole cake, so is like lose shape.. This year don't have anytime to buy present for him, so just a cake.. Luckily Phin not mind of this small cake..

This valentine day not that good compare with last year, don't have any special, but I do receive my valentine present, is Jay Chou's concert DVD.. This 23th, Jay will held his concert in KL, but I don't have chance to go for it, so Phin bought a DVD to compensate me.. Hope can go to Taiwan to see his concert in the future..

Last Tuesday Vincent, Wei Sien, Phin and me went to Genting Casino just want to gamble.. Gambling is the thing that must do during CNY, and we have won money from Uncle Lim.. Last Sunday me and mum share buying lottery.. Haha, we won the special prize of number 1818 from Sportstoto, so so lucky.. Nice Chinese New Year 2008..

Wednesday, 13 February 2008



Monday, 4 February 2008



Sunday, 3 February 2008


经过了五年,另一个小生命又诞生了,是大姐姐的第二胎,是个女的。这小宝宝就在零八年的二月二日出生了,取名为 - 佩甄。唉,今天早上就被吵醒了,是这小宝宝的姐姐,佩盈,一直吵着要到医院看“妹妹”,这姐姐可真心急啊。



Saturday, 2 February 2008



跌打 - 超痛的!!!
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