Tuesday, 26 February 2008

One Missed Call

Last night went to MBO for a movie "One Missed Call".. Know what?!! The cinema only 4 persons include me and Phin, another two persons are boy.. We bought ticket through kiosk, so we can see how many people in the cinema, all the seats show in Green - Available, and only two seats show in Red - Taken.. If there are no one buying ticket, we won't watch this movie.. Luckily there are two..

It's reasonable no people watching this movie, because this movie has been showing for more then two weeks and the cinema we went is small.. We bought two tickets for only RM12, it's cheap.. Last time I heard from the ticket seller, he told me that the movie that showing for one week, the price will reduce RM1, two weeks reduce RM2 and so on.. The movie ticket at MBO is RM9, so two weeks has been reduced RM2, so ticket suppose to be RM7, but we using kiosk, discount RM1, so it costs of RM6.. That's cheap, right?!!

Actually this movie not that thrilling, but at one scene I've been shocked by that, scream in the cinema!! So embarassed.. Phin told me this movie copied from Japan, so now wish to watch the Japan version.. Compare which one more horror.. Hehe!! Finding torrent..

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