Monday, 25 February 2008


Last night was Jay Chou's Concert, but I didn't go for it.. What I can do is just watch his Concert DVD at home to get the atmosphere of the concert, watching the DVD was nice also.. The concert in Hong Kong really happening and full of crowd.. The concert was so successful.. From the stage design to the clothes he wore, is to match the song he sang..

One more thing was the guests, which he has invited many special guests to support the concert, such as Jackie Cheung, Chow Yun Fatt, Alan Ke You Lun, Nan Quan Mama - Yu Hao, Wilbert Pan and Fei Yu Qing.. Wah.. I like the special guests so much, especially Wilbert, he's so handsome and smart, but the song he sing not that nice.. Last few years, I've been to Energy's Concert, and their guest was Wilbert too, on that time I started to admire him.. Hehe!! This is what a girl will do!!

In the concert, there are many rock'n' roll area, just imagine how big was the stage.. Really nice!!In the DVD, their production has edit some animation into the concert, make the whole concert look nice.. Hmmm... Just hope can go for the concert in Taiwan, but just day dreaming, maybe when I get the chance, Jay has retire.. Haha!!

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