Thursday, 28 February 2008

Annoying Promoter

Last night we went to UO Supermarket, just to buy some daily necessity.. Once we go near the shampoo department, the promoter started to approach us to push their product.. What for they keep following us? If we need help we will ask for their help.. They are so annoying, keep asking what I'm looking for and what brand I'm using currently.. Damn hate!!

Normally I will get away from this kind of promoter, but I can't coz I just went to Tesco and the conditioner I looking for is out of stock, I don't want go to another supermarket again.. So decide to buy here.. Haihz.. I think there are more than 8 promoters around the department.. Some aunties are gossiping some more.. Actually I'm looking for the hair oil and conditioner and Phin is looking for hair gel.. I keep walking, but I can't find the brand I used.. After that, one friendly promoter come and serve us, till I know the product I used was no stock.. Too bad!!

Next time I will be smart, go on Monday to Wednesday, coz most of the promoter will be in the supermarket on Thursday to Sunday.. Gotcha!!

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