Sunday, 2 March 2008

A Day of Queuing

Yesterday I went to career fair from which held at KL Convention Center.. At first, I thought was a short registration, but it's long queue inside the hall.. Most people are creating their resume, so if they bring along their with their soft copy of resume, just upload, there won't be long queue.. Actually I don't mind to queue, but "beh tahan" people cutting queue.. Hate them!!

After the registration, I have to go to another queue, it's to take the pass.. I think this event really got a problem.. Visitor need to have a pass only can enter the hall, and the one with pass is the person who is already registered.. How if the person don't want register and don't want apply job in this event? Phin is an example, the workers not allow him to enter the hall because he don't have the pass, what's for he need a pass? Just wondering.. Maybe they need the information of the visitor.. So no choice, I just go in alone, walking around.. Seems like not much job related to my field of study and most of it are hiring engineering and IT.. Totally out of my field.. After that I saw one company is related, and it has to queue up to apply.. Haihz.. Leaving the place with bad mood, and Phin is waiting for me.. We decide not shopping in KLCC, then we go to pay the parking.. Know what?? One of the machine only accept coins, all the people queue at one machine which can accept notes.. Oh my god!! Queue again!!!

Haihz.. Finally leave the place.. Another queue is waiting for me, at Jusco.. These three days is Jusco Priviledge Day, so customer with J Card can having 15% discount.. I don't have J Card, but I want to buy a long pant, so have to apply as a new member only can get discount.. Hmmm.. Queue again at the customer service center.. Arrrrrhhhh... Getting crazy.. #!@%%#$^&$*

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