Thursday, 27 March 2008


Today early in the morning, I went to store at Puchong.. So busy to arrange stocks for tomorrow event at Sungei Wang.. It's so messy the place, very hard to find the stocks that I want.. Have to climb up and down.. Dusty and Dirty.. I spent around 4 hours to pack all the stocks and premiums.. So tired!!

After that I have been assigned to The Curve and Carrefour Kepong, just to capture the Maxis booth for my report writing.. It's so hard for me to go The Curve and Kepong, coz I'm not familiar with the road.. If I was go out from my house, I will know how to go, but when I go out from Puchong, then it's hard.. I will lost!!

I go out from Puchong store, at the junction I started to panic, don't know which way to go.. Luckily my dear help me, teach me the way to The Curve.. Actually I have lost my way only call him, then I make a U-Turn.. Luckily.. Then when I almost reach The Curve, know what?? I missed the junction.. So, have to find U-Turn.. When I get myself right to the way, I missed the junction again.. What's wrong with me actually.. So sad..

Fine, after go out from The Curve, I have successfully reach my second place, which is Carrefour Kepong.. After I took the picture, I didn't call Phin, I try to go back by myself, but........ I'm lost again.. I have drove myself to Prima Damansara.. I saw the guideboard, it showed "Sungai Buloh and Kuala Selangor".. I scared I have entered a no-turning highway.. Luckily and I was happy to see a U-Turn.. Thanks god!! Then I drive myself back to Ampang..

Today I have think about something, which can be put in our life.. That's U-TURN.. In our life, there is always a U-Turn, same as on the road.. U-Turning is good, but waste alot petrol.. Haha!!

p/s: A tiring day

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