Friday, 7 March 2008

Life Goes On

Today I go for an interview.. Hmmm.. Quite scared of it.. Scare they ask me some hard questions and scare to talk to strangers, the interviewer.. Actually this job is seeking for Marketing Executive, I also don't know why I applied, wondering.. This company offer is quite attractive, basic salary, allowance and incentive.. Sounds good, I have counted, if I work for this, I may get minimum RM2500 per month.. As a fresh graduate, more than 2K per month consider "many".. In other way, degree student can get a better offer, I think.. But there are too many degree holders, so competitive is very high.. Too many people are high educated than me and willing to work harder.. So my chance will be reduced.. It's really hard to get a job that I want for..

This afternoon I received a call for interview, the company is just somewhere near Ampang Point.. So sad.. Hmmm.. I should be very happy about, because it's near my house, but, the lady told me their company will shift to Puchong in this two weeks.. Huh!! Why?? Tell me why?? Hopefully they will hire me, because the post is Advertising Executive, related to what I'm studying.. Hehe!! Wait and see..

Another thing, after CNY, there are not much movies showing.. So this few weeks just watch 2 movies, "One Missed Call" and "10000 BC".. This movie was so nice.. I like it!! There are mammoths and some extinct animal.. Can't see them anymore, just their bone will display at the museum.. Too bad!!

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