Monday, 17 March 2008


Life is so amazing!!

What cause me said this? All people won't know what has happened on me in the past and currently.. Am I so bad or hatable?

Last time I do have the problem in building up friend relationship, now again, I get into a trouble when I'm working.. Stepping people around.. Count from last Wednesday, today is the sixth day I work.. Only six days, I've been putting in a bad situation.. This is so call "Life", I didn't go to office since Friday, because I have roadshow at Low Yat Plaza..

Just now I received a call from my colleague, Evon, she being scold by my boss, because my boss has heard something bad.. My boss said all the rumors are from me.. Bullshit!! When I did this?? I asked myself.. And now, I'm still thinking.. Didn't go back to office, didn't call back to office, how to tell my boss? Start involve in the "Office Political".. Die!! I think cannot stay for long in this company!!

During the roadshow, I just with my supervisor and Evon.. Actually I know where my boss know the rumor, is from my supervisor, because he is just the one who with me and Evon in the roadshow.. Evon already resigned and yesterday was her last day working.. So rumor not from her, she is also the victim..

Now I being so regret to chat with my supervisor.. Telling him some of my thing.. Now only I know cannot trust a person that pretend good to you.. So REGRET!! How come I always got this problem.. Treat a person good is that hard for others? Why they want to do all this to hurt people..

Actually I felt happy to blog today, because I can upload some pictures that took yesterday.. It's really happy working with Evon and another two promoters, but now I have no mood.. So sad!! Just now I told my mum, she asked me go "Da Siu Yan", kick away all the bad people around me, because during study also the same thing happened.. God, please don't do that to me again.. I don't want.. Please!! Please!! Please!!

Maxis Roadshow at Low Yat Plaza

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