Friday, 25 October 2013

Baby Spa @ Centre Point

Last week I have booked a baby spa session for Moon Moon, is a newly open baby spa "Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness" located at Centre Point Bandar Utama, it maybe very common in other countries, but this is the first baby spa in Malaysia. To fulfill my curiosity of this baby spa, I called up for an appointment. Since they are new, they are doing Buy 1 Free 1 promotion for swim + massage session, RM76 for 2 times of swim and massage, and so I have took this promotion. It's worth to have a try on new thing.

Last Friday had the first baby spa, but Moon Moon was not in good mood, she cried when she is in the swimming session, but she do enjoyed herself for the massage, maybe just because she was so tired. Actually I'm worried this happen again for today, but luckily, she was just alright with the swimming and massage session. Thanks god~

Moon Moon was a bit slow-warming baby, so the staff there was spending quite some time to cheer with her and get her into a good mood. At first she cried, but slowly getting better. Although got no smiling on her face, but she already did very well in the swimming session, good job and big clap to Moon Moon.

Let's see some of the pictures taken by me during Baby Spa today!

Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness

Changing and Massage Area

Big Jacuzzi Tub for 6 months and above baby

Small Tub for 2 - 5 months baby

Comfy Playing Area

Toys are ready for the massage session

Moon Moon is enjoying her massage

Face Massage

That's it for today baby spa, and personally felt that nowadays the kids and babies are more enjoy than adults. Last time my swimming pool was just the pail.

No doubt, baby spa do help Moon Moon for longer sleep and relaxation.

And now I'm thinking to take their package, but for me it is a bit expensive. 10 sessions for RM538 (Free 10pcs Swimming Diapers). Let's see if there is anyone want to share with me, then I will go for it :)

To know more about this baby spa, click here.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Times flies, on 2nd October it's our 3rd wedding anniversary. In this special year, we have new member, which is our cutie baby girl. Just a simple celebration, we dinner at BBQ Thai - Thai Street Food @ Old Klang Road. Although the food charges are slightly higher, but the taste is delicious.

Both of us has ordered: Pineapple Fried Rice, TomYam Seafood, Salted Egg Squids and my favorite Mango Stick Rice.

While for this year, I have received a lomo camera, a handmade card and a handmade photo string (to clip our instax photo). Appreciate Phin Phin hard work on making the card for our anniversary, Thanks, I love the gifts so so much~

Friday, 18 October 2013

Happy Saturday @ Genting Highlands

Last Saturday we went to Genting Highlands, it's Baby Moon first time, so to prevent her of getting cold, I wrapped her like a "dumpling", 1 shirt, 1 sweater, 1 long pant, a pair of long sock and a pair of short sock. 

Before that, we have our late lunch at Vegetarian Restaurant, Buddhist Temple Genting Highlands (逢来仙境斋菜馆). Although I'm an vegetarian food lover, but I love the dishes so much, it is so yummy and delicious.

After that, we head to our destination. It's freaking cold up there, maybe just because of rainy day. Luckily Moon wear so thick in this weather or else she get cold.

At Moon's age, really nothing much for her to play, so we just have two family rides (Reindeer Cruises and Marry-Go-Round). It's so expensive, since not everything we can play so we just bought per ride ticket (RM8) instead of whole day ticket. She not really enjoy the rides, but she do enjoyed the cold weather.

Next visit probably will be next year, hope that I'm won't be headache when she cried for rides or any other games. :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Interview A Job

On Wednesday, I go for a job interview, but too bad I think I'm not being hired as I'm not meeting their requirements and expectations. It's a very bad interview that I ever had. I'm not well prepared enough, and I can't even give an answer for what they have asked.  

What do you expect the job for coming years or in future? Talking about FUTURE? In my life, I never think of my future, I got no aim at all, future is just so far away to me. Currently I just want my baby be healthy and stay happy. In Stephen Chow's movie quoted "做人如果无梦想,同条咸鱼有咩分别". Yes, I'm the one that lives without any dreams, I'm the salted fish. 

I'm just so regret that I'm not doing well during the interview. Where is my working passion? Please come back to me. Good luck to myself~
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