Friday, 31 August 2007

No More Internet Connection

Haihz.. Damn hate, my internet subscription has expired, it's really disconnect once expired, can't even hold one more minute.. Now i'm rushing my assignment and the connection is down.. Luckily, Jimmy (Elaine's friend) allow me to use the wireless from their house, so now can continue doing my work.. Still have one more week to go, what's gonna do without internet?? I think have no choice have to go library, but the opening hour for the library until 5pm only.. Really don't know what to do.. Still have one assignment and one exam.. Need to search for infomation.. This really make me in trouble.. :(

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Funny "A" Movie

Just come back from Sharron's room, unbelievable, me and Sharron watch "A" movie together, and both of us laugh till non-stop.. Haha~~ Is actually a Japan Comic with "A" kind of capture skills.. Is really funny when we saw the characters naked.. Hoho~~ Cos it really funny, can't imagine Japan has this kind of comic stuffs.. Watch that clip for 30 minutes and laugh for 30 minutes.. Wakaka.. Damn funny..

One weird thing that we watched is the storyline, how come a siblings can "make" together.. Really unbelievable and speechless to this clip.. The body of the character is too over.. How come a small body can have a big boobs.. Definitely, nope!! Is really big!! But is just comic, how big is also can be made.. Haha~~ Will bring this clip back to KL, show to my "ham sap" friend, Vincent!! Hoho~~

* Actually the clip is from Elaine, and I have copied many others series from her.. Haha!! Cos is funny!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Liverpool 800th Happy Birthday

Today is a special day for Liverpool.. 800th Anniversary!! There are parade in the city and live band in Liverpool City.. Damn nice!! It's worst that I didn't bring my camera and take the scenario.. So regret!! Once in my life, but I have missed it.. At 10pm sharp, Albert Dock has firework, for the celebration of Liverpool.. This August I will put a words in - - - - "Happening Summer".. What's a wonderful summer..

In this Summer, Rushing assignment, seeing people falling in love, arguing, and sometimes gossiping about people around.. My house kitchen has become a place for the women to gossip.. Haha~~ With my funny housemates (Sharron, Elaine and Jessie). We are all gossip around, it's really happening.. Sometimes chit-chat till forget to do our assignments.. Hehe~~ This is how women gossip..

When I heard the sound of firework, I'm thinking that National Day is coming soon.. Merdeka~ Merdeka~ Merdeka~ But I'm not in KL, so can't accompany my dear to see the firework.. Too bad.. :( I'm going back soon.. Days remaining: 9 Yahoo!!

Sunday, 26 August 2007





Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sex Toys

That day have bought some sex toys from Smiffys, Liverpool.. It 's hard to find sex toys in KL and it costly, so decided to have it and buy it as gift for friend.. Haha~~ What unique of these sex toys is...... it can grow in WET!! It's actual size is small and it can grow up to 600%.. Maybe just look like a real one.. It's funny, then get myself one boobs and one Willy.. Then one boobs for my friend, Vincent.. Think he will like it, coz he is so "ham sap".. Hohoho!!

When I reach KL, will then have a try of these sex toys, see what going to happen to it and how big it can grow.. I'm so curious, can't wait to open.....

Buffet Lunch at MaySUM~~

Tuesday just submit my another assignment which is Democracy, Jounalism and Society, really no idea why I have to learn something related to this topic, but is ok now.. Luckily most of the subjects is assignment base, only one exam on 5th September.. Now have to do another assignment regarding audience, really hard for me to do such assignment, suffering....

After submitting the assignment, have a buffet lunch with friends (Elaine, Jessie, Chloe and See Ying) in MaySum, one of the Chinese Buffet in Liverpool, cost 5 pounds/person. It's consider cheap, food is not bad also. Next will try to have lunch in Yates, maybe after exam or next submission of assignment. Haha~~

Eating Ice-Cream (C~O~L~D)

Elaine and Me > > > > > > Pretending cute...... Yippie!!


Chloe, Me and Elaine

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