Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Liverpool 800th Happy Birthday

Today is a special day for Liverpool.. 800th Anniversary!! There are parade in the city and live band in Liverpool City.. Damn nice!! It's worst that I didn't bring my camera and take the scenario.. So regret!! Once in my life, but I have missed it.. At 10pm sharp, Albert Dock has firework, for the celebration of Liverpool.. This August I will put a words in - - - - "Happening Summer".. What's a wonderful summer..

In this Summer, Rushing assignment, seeing people falling in love, arguing, and sometimes gossiping about people around.. My house kitchen has become a place for the women to gossip.. Haha~~ With my funny housemates (Sharron, Elaine and Jessie). We are all gossip around, it's really happening.. Sometimes chit-chat till forget to do our assignments.. Hehe~~ This is how women gossip..

When I heard the sound of firework, I'm thinking that National Day is coming soon.. Merdeka~ Merdeka~ Merdeka~ But I'm not in KL, so can't accompany my dear to see the firework.. Too bad.. :( I'm going back soon.. Days remaining: 9 Yahoo!!

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