Thursday, 30 August 2007

Funny "A" Movie

Just come back from Sharron's room, unbelievable, me and Sharron watch "A" movie together, and both of us laugh till non-stop.. Haha~~ Is actually a Japan Comic with "A" kind of capture skills.. Is really funny when we saw the characters naked.. Hoho~~ Cos it really funny, can't imagine Japan has this kind of comic stuffs.. Watch that clip for 30 minutes and laugh for 30 minutes.. Wakaka.. Damn funny..

One weird thing that we watched is the storyline, how come a siblings can "make" together.. Really unbelievable and speechless to this clip.. The body of the character is too over.. How come a small body can have a big boobs.. Definitely, nope!! Is really big!! But is just comic, how big is also can be made.. Haha~~ Will bring this clip back to KL, show to my "ham sap" friend, Vincent!! Hoho~~

* Actually the clip is from Elaine, and I have copied many others series from her.. Haha!! Cos is funny!!

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