Friday, 24 September 2010

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot (Taiwan)

Besides KL studio and outdoor photo shoot, we did go to Taiwan for the bridal shooting.. It's our pre-honeymoon trip as well as our pre-wedding photo shoot.. It's great to have this experience, where is something new and different for both of us..

But I'm not really like the photo taken from Taiwan, maybe just because of the gown and my bad hairstyle.. It's look like the one in "Beauty and The Beast", I called it as princess head, damn ugly when it's come to my head.. Gosh!! But overall it's acceptable!!

And here's it!!

白色情人桥 @ 淡水鱼人码头


女王头 @ 野柳

@ 野柳



Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot (KL)


I have received our photo album last Wednesday.. Relatives and friends keep on asking us, when we can show them the album.. I'm so worried the album can't make it on time, but luckily can get before my wedding date.. It's look nice and I'm satisfied with it.. Myself and Phin Phin like it so much!! Thanks GTC!!

Here's are the photo taken in studio and Ulu Yam..

Sunday, 12 September 2010


“过大礼”是中国传统嫁娶礼仪之一,订亲过程中最隆重的仪式,约於婚前15至20天进行。我和彬彬的过大礼就在农历的八月初二,也就是阳历的九月九号, 也代表着长长久久,好日子!虽然没有传统仪式那么隆重,但是要有的,都有准备到哦!

  • 聘金
  • 红布
  • 龙凤烛
  • 八样意头礼品 - 莲子、百合、龙眼干、荔枝干、红枣、金吉干、花生、合桃
  • 酒两瓶
  • 生鸡一对 (可以用红包代替)
  • 礼饼
  • 苹果十八粒
  • 橙十八粒
  • 喜板十八块
  • 扁柏一片

  • 回聘金
  • 衣食碗
  • 汽水两瓶
  • 石榴一串
  • 莲藕一对(有根)
  • 生菜
  • 葱(有根)
  • 芹菜(有根)
  • 苹果九粒
  • 橙九粒

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Wedding Preparation ~ Painting Time~ Part 1

In 17 days, me and Phin Phin have to settle down all the things in our room, although not new house, not new room, but we have to make everything NEW.. New painting, new bed, new wardrobe and new wall cabinet..

This weekend, Phin Phin spent his time on the wall painting, we bought all the paint tools last few week, just not free to start the painting work.. Quite take time for it, but Phin Phin has painted 3 layers, it looks nice now!

Waiting to paint another part of our room, we have to be fast, carpenter is coming to install our new wardrobe.. Yeah!!

Paint Tools

Phin Phin's with his Cutie Doraemon's Mask

Phin Phin is doing his painting

Another Part of our Room (It's messy)

Friday, 3 September 2010

I have create myself a wedding website at It's a bit too late, but I can share my happiness to all my friends and family.. Felt so happy when editing the site, search for all the old photo of me and Phin Phin and insert into the gallery.. It's memorable!

Click here to visit!
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