Monday, 6 December 2010

Wedding Reception


Superb!! I wear my 4" high-heel for the whole night!!

On that day, I'm super duper tired after the morning tea ceremony session, but still can stand for a night.. Lucky it's carpet, if it's concrete flooring, I'm sure my leg will broken on the spot.. I'm so happy on that night, coz Phin Phin sang me a song when we march-in, surprised me.. The song is so cute!! Just too bad, no one record it, but I can ask Phin Phin to sing to me anytime I want.. :)

The bride and groom for the special day @ Federal Hotel

The naughty bride and groom

Both parent

My appointed photographer, Joshua Chong

Lovely ladies

Emcee for the dinner, Jeffery Ho

The only primary schoolmate, Eunice Dang

Mach-in + Singing

Pouring Champagne

I like this shot, and the way they shout-out

Phin Phin

I, Me and Myself

My College-mates
(JC, CP, Lesly and May)

My best ever crew for event

Naughty bride playing around with secondary schoolmates

Kissing in a group

All my relatives, a big group of us

My appointed make-up artist for the whole day, June

p/s: Dear all guests, friends and relatives.. Thanks for coming to this special place with us on our special day.. We are having a great day!

And the end...... For my wedding post!!
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