Sunday, 15 June 2008

Yam Cha

Friday night yam cha with my friends.. Attendee: Wai Soon, Wei Sien, Xiao Wei and her husband, Sok Wan, Wai Hong and me.. Almost 2 months we didn't meet each others, so want to have a gathering.. Some of them even thought that I wanna get marriage, so call them out for yam cha.. Haha!!

So regret to call Wai Hong for yam cha, he show off himself the whole night.. We just listen to him talking and talking for non-stop.. He just finished his soldier training, so keep talking his thing inside the camp.. It was damn boring to hear that.. Almost everything he want to show off.. Haihz.. All of us felt very uneasy when he said all that words.. Really beh Tahan.. He really didn't change his attitude since last time.. So disappointed..

After that I got talk about my work and I'm looking for Event Crew.. He got the interest in doing this job, cos quite high pay.. I promise him that I will ask him for job, but I saw him behave like this, maybe I will not ask him for being a crew.. Scare to hear all that bullshit in the event.. Haihz.. How come last time I will fall in love with him?? Wondering.. Maybe blind already..

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