Friday, 13 June 2008

Thirteen of June

My working life was damn funny, when I'm free, it's damn free, but when I busy, it's super duper busy.. Today, considered free, cos I got nothing to do.. Early in the morning, I open my laptop for songs, then playing Sudoku.. Haha!! What's a free time..

After one and half hour, my manager bring me out to Sungei Wang, Low Yat and KLCC.. Haihz.. Being spy again, cos we saw Celcom roadshow in front of Pavilion.. Then we went to Sungei Wang, go to survey the place.. In July, we have the roadshow overthere.. Hoho!!

Hmmm.. Last location, KLCC.. My manager meeting at Maxis Center, but I don't want to follow, so walk around there.. Damn boring.. Walking alone being so lonely.. Luckily he finished meeting in a short time, so I don't have to wait for that long..

Haihz.. Phin not with me in these 3 days, he went to Penang, so I have plan some activities for this coming weekend.. So tonight I will go yam cha with my friends.. Haha!! Nice plan..

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