Saturday, 27 February 2010

My Big Day

Me and Phin Phin has set our big day on 2.10.2010 (Saturday), and Chinese Lunar Date will be 八月二十五.. Tea ceremony and wedding dinner will be at the same day, even tired also one day..

Wedding dinner location already booked, and will be held at The Federal Hotel, KL, it's convenience for all.. Just afraid Saturday night will be quite jam in front of the hotel.. Actually the date we chose was quite good for marriage, and because of this issue, we are so hard to find a restaurant, so it has forced us to look for hotel.. But it's also a right decision we chose to have in hotel.. Hotel do give us a free room, so on the actual day, Phin Phin can use this hotel room for tea ceremony..

Now it's time to do some preparation for my big day.. The first thing is to keep fit, as I want to take my wedding photo in April or May.. So have to work hard in fitness and eat less.. Next will be think of my wedding theme, wedding car, wedding souvenir, and wedding's stuffs.. So many things need to prepare, and all these things need money.. So, do it step by step before the actual day..

Waiting for the day to come............

p/s: 我的愿望是希望自己可以在中五后结婚,可是现在已经迟了八年,但是没关系,我现在要嫁咯,我终于嫁得出啦!嘻嘻!

Friday, 26 February 2010

My Engagement Ring

Another special day for myself.. 25 December 2009, it's Christmas, it's also the day we boought the engagement ring.. Round and round in Mid Valley and The Gardens, and finally we found this ring at Diamond and Platinum, with their signature diamond, The Estrella Diamond.. Although it's small in carat, weak in clarity, but it do have a nice color and cutting..

Once I saw it, I really fall in love with this diamond, and what people said "Diamond is the woman's best friend", this is definitely TRUE.. Don't even wanna go out from that shop.. Phin Phin know that I like this ring so much, so decide to buy this..

Top of the Diamond

The Diamond Ring

Front View of The Diamond

p/s: Thanks Phin Phin for this diamond ring.. Muacks..

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My First Day CNY and Valentine Day

This year was so special, CNY and Valentine fall on the same date, a lovely 14.02.2010.. For myself, the celebration for CNY is bigger than Valentine, coz CNY is only one year once, and when I'm with Phin Phin, everyday is our Valentine Day.. So I will more happy to celebrate CNY.. Hehe!!

Early morning, me and my family went to temple for praying, pray for health, wealth, good luck and everything.. This temple located at Karak, Pahang.. Around 1 and half hour journey, we reached the place.. Phin Phin was tired, so he didn't join us to temple..

Every year was the same schedule, the first "bai nin" location was in Setapak, is my dad's cousin.. Stay around 1 and half hour, we moved to our next location at Tropicana, which is my grandpa's cousin.. Although my grandpa has passed away almost 7 years, but we do contact with them and still go there for "bai nin"..

Phin Phin and Me after bai nin @ Setapak

Our couple T - Wow! Surprise!

When I reached home around 6.30pm.. I've got the surprise from Phin Phin.. Although not valuable thing, but I like it so much.. And now only know why Phin Phin don't want go to temple, he has spent his early morming time for the paper cutting.. Here's what Phin Phin gave me for Valentine Day.. Hehe :)

Paper Cutting - Double P (Phin and Peng)

Paper Cutting on wall

Love the surprise so much.. And wish Phin Phin can give me more surprise in other special day..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010






Friday, 12 February 2010

Phin Phin de BAD Proposal

Announcement: I'm engaged..

Waiting this special day to come, and finally......... Phin Phin has proposed to me, "BUT" with a bad proposal.. This happened on 7th February as well, it was Phin Phin's Birthday, and we are in PD.. Actually he planned to propose on Saturday, but I have spoiled his planning.. No choice! He changed his plan and decided to propose in PD.. And the most funny thing was................ Jek Chee and Pui Kuan was the one who helped him to buy the flower.. Here is it!

Since he's so sincere to propose, and here I said "Yes I Do".. :)



Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Legend Water Chalets PD

7th of February, a day for celebration, is Phin Phin's birthday.. We have went for a short trip to Port Dickson, and we have chose to stay in a chalet rather than in a normal hotel room, The Legend Water Chalets, this water chalet located at Batu 2, which next to Glory Hotel.. Nice environment, a best place for relaxation.. Since I already in the CNY holiday mood, so not much different for myself, but for Phin Phin, Yes, he do relax in this place..

Antarctica Area

Water Chalet

Executive Water Chalet

Separate Toilet, Bathtub and Standing Shower

Swimming Pool

Me and Phin Phin

We have planned for next PD trip, we will try the "Legend International Water Homes", just beside Legend Water Chalets, which each unit of the chalet will have its own swimming pool.. Sounds great! Awaiting for that......

click here for Legend Water Chalets
click here for Legend International Water Homes

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


昨晚尝试了不同的“逢莱”,这一间在Jalan Imbi的逢莱,应该是他们的第一家。和我经常去的Gardens分行有点不一样,Gardens的是以套餐为主,而Jalan Imbi的逢莱则是以“叫菜吃饭”为主。虽然价钱比Gardens的贵一倍,可是这里的选择也比较多。但是在对比之下,我和彬彬都觉得这里的食物不比Gardens的好吃,毕竟习惯了那里的味道。这里的装修和Gardens的一样,都很舒服。由于刚刚运动完,不敢点太多,所以就选了三样,试试看。

肉操 (伴饭的最佳排档) - RM7

甜不辣 (Seafood Tempura) 我的最爱 - RM16

姜葱炒牛肉 - RM17

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