Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My First Day CNY and Valentine Day

This year was so special, CNY and Valentine fall on the same date, a lovely 14.02.2010.. For myself, the celebration for CNY is bigger than Valentine, coz CNY is only one year once, and when I'm with Phin Phin, everyday is our Valentine Day.. So I will more happy to celebrate CNY.. Hehe!!

Early morning, me and my family went to temple for praying, pray for health, wealth, good luck and everything.. This temple located at Karak, Pahang.. Around 1 and half hour journey, we reached the place.. Phin Phin was tired, so he didn't join us to temple..

Every year was the same schedule, the first "bai nin" location was in Setapak, is my dad's cousin.. Stay around 1 and half hour, we moved to our next location at Tropicana, which is my grandpa's cousin.. Although my grandpa has passed away almost 7 years, but we do contact with them and still go there for "bai nin"..

Phin Phin and Me after bai nin @ Setapak

Our couple T - Wow! Surprise!

When I reached home around 6.30pm.. I've got the surprise from Phin Phin.. Although not valuable thing, but I like it so much.. And now only know why Phin Phin don't want go to temple, he has spent his early morming time for the paper cutting.. Here's what Phin Phin gave me for Valentine Day.. Hehe :)

Paper Cutting - Double P (Phin and Peng)

Paper Cutting on wall

Love the surprise so much.. And wish Phin Phin can give me more surprise in other special day..

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Very creative oh ur Phin Phin :)

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