Monday, 3 September 2012

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia @ Melaka

Finally... We managed to have a short trip to Melaka during the Merdeka Holiday. We have spent 2 days 1 night in Melaka, to visit the historical building, taste the food in town and find Phin Phin's sister. This round, not just 2 of us, but 3, including the lil one.

At first we thought it will be very jam, but luckily the traffic is smooth from KL all the way to Melaka, just a bit jam when we are in the town. We leave home at 4pm and at around 6pm, we reached Melaka. We straight away go to Jonker Street to hunt for our dinner. We filled up our tummy with some snacks. After that, we go for dinner, a back street stall of Hokkien Mee as our main dinner. Yummy~

Then we go to find Phin Phin's sister at Taman Merdeka and checked-in hotel nearby. Lucky there is room available and it's not expensive, it cost only RM80/night. Clean and comfortable hotel for our night. The next day morning, we woke up early and bring Phin Phin's nephews for breakfast and also to have the thousand layer cake at Nadeja Cafe. 4 slices of cake, cost us RM37, it's quite expensive actually, but the taste is good.

Then we send them back home, and we start our own photo section at town. We have bring our Diana Mini camera for the trip, so most of the photo will be captured using my Lomo-Lomo camera. These are just few that captured by using my mobile. Waiting my film to be developed.

A nice trip for us, and will planning another short trip in the soonest. :)
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