Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Zoo Negara

A super duper hot Sunday, can really die under the hot sun, I think people will stay at home or going out for shopping rather expose under the sun.. But me and Phin Phin has spent our time to visit Zoo Negara, which I have promised Phin Phin few months ago, now only able to bring him here.. To prevent mosquitoes bites, Phin Phin has chose to wear a long pants, but myself, I chose to wear a short pants, I know there will be freaking hot and sweat.. The end, mosquitoes not much, but ants, just worried the big red ant bite me..

There are so many animals' exhibit, like mammals, birds, reptiles, and fishes (Aquaria).. One of my favorite is Humbolt Penguin, is so cute when penguin swimming.. I love penguin.. And Zoo Negara is now running the programme with "Save the River, Save the Marine Life".. So in this area, they are showing Malaysia Freshwater Aquaria, emphasize people to care and protect our marine species.. Besides those fishes, they also put effort on the wall painting.. The painting is so nice and real.. Me and Phin Phin has took some photo with the panorama mode... Here is it!!

It's really hot while walking around the Zoo compound and Phin Phin being so caring to buy me ice-cream, but I'm in my slimming period, so can't have those food will cause me FAT.. But the ice-cream is so tempting, for sure I won't reject.. Wall's Cornnetto (Vanilla Flavor) cost RM4.50, so expensive!!

While the most funny thing thru out the day was the APE, they really love to act, just like what we normally watch in TV, and they are so naughty and mischievous.. One of the ape, ask for emty bottle, so the visitor throw the bottle to him, and so unbelievale, ape opened the pipe and took the water with that empty bottle, then drink using the bottle.. How can they act just like a human being, so smart.. This is the one..

After the visit, I will think that Zoo Negara is better than Safari @ A-Famosa, where all the animals are still active, healthy and strong.. But the show present was bad, there is only 1 show for the day, it should be nice and attractive, but so disappointed.. "Multi-Animal Show", but with only parrot, sea lion, small eagle and few birds.. And the speaker is not interactive at all, keep on talking and talking, so boring.. He's like memorized all the things then talk talk talk.. But I know that's not his fault, everyday talking the same for twice, sure be bored..

This short visit is great, comes to nature and experience the life of animals, but felt that those animals are so pity, being closed in the concrete wall area.. Although the exhibit design is their way of living, but their wildness has gone.. And this is their LIFE in zoo..

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dut said...

hp u look slim jor. gym really pay off leh. hahah

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