Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ddung Doll 冬己

Ddung Doll - My New Lovely Baby!

I love ddung so much when I first saw it in Bangkok, it's so cute and pretty.. That time I bought only one for my-self collection.. Ddung is a 4 years-old girl, where I browse through the website, knowing that ddung creator is getting the inspiration from her niece..

At first I thought the design I have are the most prettiest, but after I saw some new design doll in the website, I wish to have all of them.. It's so cute and adorable.. There are so many design of ddung doll, with different kind of costume, some even wear in Korea Traditional Costume.. Will try to buy online, hope can get something special..

And so far I have total 7 ddung dolls in my collections.. Here's 3 of them..

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