Saturday, 22 May 2010

Jay New Album (Vol. 10)

Finally I have my new album from Jay Chou, Vol.10 《跨时代》.. Waiting more than 1 year for this album.. Style was slightly different from past, but the songs are same, so nice.. This time I don't even know when is the pre-book for this album, thanks my colleagues told me, and I quickly bought it from CD shop..

There are 2 types of album packaging, I'm dilemma when choosing it, but my wise intelligent told me, I should pick the badges one, and I have do a right decision, I chose the 9 badges CD album instead of the steel box packaging.. Coz I have the steel box album packaging for the previous album.. So better I chose the badges packaging for my Jay's collection.. These 9 badges printed with Jay's previous 9 album cover..

Album Cover

Theme for the Album

9 Badges photo frame

Album with 2 CDs and 9 Badges

Counted from year 1999 till 2010, and so far I have more than 12 albums from Jay Chou.. No matter it's CD album, EP album or Concert CD, but still there are few I didn't buy, and I will buy it soon, to complete my collection.. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

hoho... a jay's fans.. hehe..
opps tell u wat, i have autographed album of his...

The latest of cz, and other 2 ( November's choppin and on the run)



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